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7 Movie Franchises That Should Have Stopped With A Trilogy

Movies are a time-bound concept. So, when the story is too important and cannot be cut short, the makers decide to make sequels. And sequels. And more sequels. For some movies, this thing works. But for some? Nah. It just doesn’t. There are a few franchises that should’ve just stopped after they were done making a trilogy. Post that, it just feels repetitive, boring, and tiring. So, here’s a list of movie franchises that should have stopped with a trilogy. Check it out! Also, let us know in the comments which of the movie franchises you think should stop continuing with their movies.

1. Rocky

This movie solidified Sylvestor Stallone’s career. The movie was so successful that the makers decided to go ahead with sequels. Not just one, two, or three, but eight movies. The eighth movie, Creed III is set to release in 2022. Sylvester plays Rocky in all the films, has written six and co-written two of them. He has even directed four of the six titular sequels. But we think, they should’ve just stopped after the third installment. After all, it was the same storyline throughout that we’ve been seeing since the first movie was released.

2. Resident Evil

This franchise is based on a video game by the same name. Something that started in 2002 is still going strong. The makers have managed to make seven movies to date. But, what was the need? Most of the installments didn’t make any sense. They were tiring to watch. We agree the newest addition is something fresh and true to the video game. But they could’ve simply stopped after making a trilogy.

3. Die Hard

Well, just like the name of the franchise, the movies were pretty much dead. The first installment did well. Maybe that is why the makers thought it was a good idea to go ahead with another. With time, the franchise grew to five movies. However, we feel, they should’ve stopped after the third because the fourth and fifth installments were disasters. Even after this, there are rumors that they might work on the sixth.

4. Indiana Jones

The problem with this franchise is, that it kept getting worse with every installment. The lame humor and cheesy melodrama, the original Indiana Jones vibes were somewhere lost. What’s worse is that they’re planning on a fifth Indiana Jones movie slated to be released in 2023. How we wish they could’ve stopped after making just two Indiana Jones movies. Sigh.

5. Underworld

We have no clue why and how this franchise is still working out. None of its movies have been great or massive to date, neither they have a solid fan following. Then how? After such mediocre films, why don’t they just stop at all? They should just let the franchise be now.

6. The Terminator

We are sure many of you were waiting for this franchise on the list and here it is. They need to stop. No, they should’ve stopped after the first two movies. The sequel is rarely better than the original. And, this was the case with this franchise. The second installment outdid its predecessor. But, after that, every movie that came was just dreadful. Yet they plan on coming up with new films. Unless they show a war between humans and machines, they have nothing else fresh to offer!

7. Saw

The first movie in the franchise was the best. It was intense, scary, frightening with a decent cast. It was a massive hit. So, the makers thought let’s continue making a new Saw movie every year around Halloween wherein we’ll show the audience the same old villain Jigsaw trying new ways to kill people. Ha! And just like that, the franchise has managed to release almost nine films. Whereas, by now, we all know they should’ve stopped way before.

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