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7 Times Mr Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger Hated Jean-Claude Van Damme As Much As Sylvester Stallone? Mystery Debunked

Arnold Schwarzenegger has done various movies with many famous actors. He has also starred in movies with actors whom he has had public feuds with. From Sylvester Stallone to Steven Seagal, the former governor has explored his talent basically everywhere. He has done a fair share of roles with actors whom he did not mix well with, this led to a lot of rumors.

These rumors revolved around the actors hating each other or being friends with each other. It was always either-or and nothing in between, removing a chance for the actors to confirm the situation before the rumors escalated. This was the case for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme, with many fans leaning to believe that the actors despised each other greatly.

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jean-Claude Van Damme Hate Each Other?
Arnold Schwarzenegger has been very open about his and Sylvester Stallone’s friendship. The two have gone from being rivals to close friends in the span of many years. They publically talked about how close of friends they have become and often acknowledge each other here and there. The same cannot be said for Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Some even wondered if the two liked each other at all or not. Just because the two do not get questioned about each other often, it becomes difficult to properly decipher any aspects of their relationship.

Whether or not they actually like each other or if their liking is more of a one-sided relationship is still out of question. This mystery made fans more and more curious about their friendship and whether or not they liked each other in real life. The two hadn’t done many movies together either so it became a bigger and bolder question mark for the audience who very quickly became speculating that they indeed were not fond of each other. That was not the case though.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jean-Claude Van Damme Referred To Each Other As Friends
In 2018, there was a public hint to the two liked each other which was made by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s spokesperson announced in the same year that the actor had to go through heart surgery in order to replace his pulmonary valve. This had struck the entire world by surprise and everyone was praying for him to be alright. He made it out of the surgery perfectly fine although he had a follow-up surgery two years later which also went well.

“Wishing my friend Arnold Schwarzenegger a full and speedy recovery so he’ll be back soon! #JCVD #GetWellSoon.”

During this process, Van Damme used social media as a platform to wish the actor a speedy recovery. He called Schwarzenegger his friend. Although Schwarzenegger never publically talked about their relationship, it could be a one-sided relationship in the worst-case scenario. However, neither of them hates the other. The actor even visited Van Damme on the set of Universal Soldier and they even clicked photos together.

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