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A Teaser of Ariana Grande’s Upcoming ‘AG7’ Album from her ‘Wicked’ Co-Star Promises a Jaw-Dropping Experience for Fans

For Ariana Grande enthusiasts, the anticipation for new music has stretched over a lengthy three-year period since the launch of her last album, Positions, in 2020, which received widespread acclaim. However, the subsequent years were marked by a conspicuous silence from the pop sensation. Far from idleness, Ariana delved into the realms of cinema, gracing the screen in notable films like Don’t Look Up and securing a prominent role in the film adaptation of Wicked. Her star power only intensified, securing her position as one of Instagram’s most-followed women with a staggering 380 million followers.

Amidst the hushed period on the music front, the singer dropped subtle hints about her upcoming seventh studio album, cryptically labeled as #AG7. It appears that Bowen Yang, Ariana’s co-star in Wicked, has been granted a sneak peek into this highly anticipated musical venture.

Beyond their on-screen collaboration, it’s evident that Yang is an avid Grande admirer, seizing the opportunity to offer a glimpse into the essence of her forthcoming album. While steering clear of divulging specific details, the actor shared, “There are several bops on it; everyone is going to be gagged. Ariana and Max killed it.” This succinct yet tantalizing opinion has reignited excitement among fans, particularly with the mention of her collaboration with acclaimed producer Max Martin.


Martin isn’t just any producer; he’s a bona fide celebrity in the music realm. His influence extends far and wide, having played a pivotal role in crafting iconic tunes such as Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” among many others. His remarkable contributions to the industry haven’t gone unnoticed, earning him a remarkable five Grammy Awards.

Ariana Grande: Anticipating a Pivotal Year in 2024

With Martin lending his expertise to the album and Yang providing an enthusiastic preview, fans find themselves not only eagerly anticipating #AG7 but also rejoicing in Yang’s positive turn. Over the summer, the Saturday Night Live star openly shared his decision to take a hiatus, prioritizing his mental well-being.

Just a few weeks ago, he updated Page Six, saying, “My mental health is great.” Reflecting on a challenging phase, he expressed gratitude for the patience he received, stating, “It’s hard, but you know, I barreled through. I powered through.” As the curiosity surrounding Grande’s upcoming projects lingers, 2024 holds the promise of being a remarkable year for the artist. Beyond the excitement of new music, her film Wicked is set to grace theaters towards the year’s end.

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