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Allegations of Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan Profiting from Joey Jordison’s Death

Accusations Arise: Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan Facing Claims of Profiting from Joey Jordison’s Death Allegations have emerged, reported by TMZ, suggesting that Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan are profiting from their late former bandmate Joey Jordison’s passing.

Jordison’s estate has initiated a lawsuit against the band, specifically targeting Taylor and Crahan. The legal action asserts that following Joey’s death in 2021, the band utilized his passing to promote their 2022 album, ‘The End, So Far,’ by stating it was dedicated to him and implying that his death influenced its creation. Furthermore, the band is accused of falsely claiming to have reached out to Joey’s family to offer condolences. According to the legal documents:

“While family, friends, and fans mourned the loss of the legendary drummer, neither bandmate expressed condolences to Jordison’s family after his passing. Instead, Taylor and Crahan heartlessly sought to profit off of Jordison’s death.”

Additional Allegations in the Lawsuit

The statement further detailed their accusations against the two members: “Taylor publicly dedicated ‘The End, So Far’ to Jordison, asserting that the awareness of Jordison’s passing ‘crept in’ during the album’s creation. Taylor openly admitted in an interview that he and Crahan had mistreated Jordison, expressing their intention to reconcile with him. He conveyed to fans, ‘We were hoping to mend fences with him, and it’s one of those things that tells you: whatever you need to do, do it now because you never know when you’re gonna lose somebody.’”

Dispute Regarding Joey’s Possessions

Legal Battle Unfolds Over Joey’s Possessions Steamroller, LLC, representing Joey Jordison’s estate, asserts that despite a prior agreement to return all of Joey’s belongings, encompassing musical instruments, gear, and wardrobe, Slipknot has retained at least 22 items. This includes his iconic Pearl drum set and Adidas sneakers, reportedly showcased in the band’s mobile museum, Knotfest.

The lawsuit contends that Slipknot never intended to honor their commitment to return Joey’s possessions, a promise made after abruptly removing him from the band in 2013 due to his struggle with acute transverse myelitis, a condition affecting his left leg.

In response, Slipknot has refuted the allegations and requested the court to dismiss the lawsuit. Jordison, a foundational member of Slipknot, had a significant career, also contributing to bands like Metallica and Korn. He passed away at the age of 46 in his sleep, succumbing to complications from transverse myelitis.

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