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Arch Enemy Separates from Jeff Loomis; Replacement Announced

Unfortunate news for Arch Enemy enthusiasts as Jeff Loomis officially parts ways with the band. The band conveyed the announcement through a post on their official Instagram account, featuring a photo from one of their recent shows. In their statement, Arch Enemy disclosed the new guitarist set to replace Loomis. The announcement read:

“Arch Enemy announce amicable split with Jeff Loomis, enlist guitarist Joey Concepcion. ⁠Arch Enemy and long-running member Jeff Loomis have amicably parted ways.⁠” Michael Amott, a longstanding member of the band, also shared a comprehensive message on the departure of the guitarist:

“It’s been a joy having Jeff play with Arch Enemy for close to a decade; we truly had a blast touring around the world together! We were friends long before we played music together, and we remain even closer buddies now, which feels great. We respect that he’s in a place and time in life where he needs to step out of Arch Enemy, and we all wish him nothing but the best moving forward. The only constant is change, and this is one of those moments where things had to change a little to move forward in a satisfactory way for everyone involved.

With all that said, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have recruited Joey Concepcion as our new guitarist! Joey’s a phenomenal talent and has been a friend of the band for a long time; he even filled in for Jeff on a couple of European festival shows back in 2018. We have touring and a myriad of other exciting things coming up on the horizon with Arch Enemy for 2024 and beyond and are thrilled to move forward, creating the next chapter and keeping the Metal flowing!” The newly appointed guitarist for Arch Enemy, Joey Concepcion, shared his enthusiasm about joining the band: “It’s an honor and a privilege to be working with Arch Enemy, and I’m very much looking forward to shredding stages across the globe together, playing for and meeting all the fans!”

Loomis’ Statements Regarding His Exit

Loomis joined Arch Enemy nearly a decade ago, transitioning from the disbandment of Nevermore, where he had been the lead guitarist for two decades. His musical imprint is evident on Arch Enemy’s latest two albums, ‘Will to Power,’ released in 2017, and ‘Deceivers,’ released in 2022.

In light of the band’s announcement, Loomis took to his personal Instagram account to share his perspective on parting ways with Arch Enemy. Although he didn’t delve into specific reasons for his departure, he expressed that it was time for him to embark on a new chapter:

“My time in Arch Enemy has come to an end. I have had a great time (nine years!) of playing and touring with them, but now it’s time to enter a new chapter in my life. I wish Alissa, Michael, Sharlee and Daniel the very best and consider them all lifelong friends. I’d also like to thank the crew that have always been nothing but kind to me. Their hard work and dedication towards the band is incredible, and we wouldn’t be able to put on the great shows without them. Thank you again for all your support over the years and Happy New Year.”

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