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“Bernie Taupin Celebrates Close Bond with ‘Rocket Man’ Icon Elton John, Hailing Him as the ‘Ultimate Psychiatrist'”

While the world often recognizes Elton John for his monumental success on stage, selling over 300 million albums worldwide and earning accolades such as five Grammys, a Tony Award, a Disney Legend Award, knighthood, and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his close friend and collaborator Bernie Taupin sees beyond the spotlight. In a recent tribute to the iconic musician, Taupin bestowed upon John a unique title—therapist.

Their creative partnership spans over five decades, providing Taupin with an intimate understanding of the “I’m Still Standing” singer. Detailing their friendship in his book, “Scattershot: Life, Music, Elton and Me,” Taupin revealed that during times of struggle, he turns to John for support.

Taupin shared insights into their enduring connection, stating, “If you need to get something off your chest, he’s the first person you need to go to for some easy answers. He is a complete constant. You can always rely on him. And I certainly did back in the early days, back in our formative years when we first got together. I certainly leaned on him, not that he was incredibly worldly, but he was certainly more socially adept than I was at the time.”

Describing John as the “ultimate psychiatrist,” Taupin continued to express gratitude for his friend’s support, emphasizing that John “took care of me and made sure that I wasn’t abused by the cynical mindset of others that might have viewed me as being a little wet around the ears and green, when I actually really wasn’t. I was far more intelligent than they give me credit for.”

The One Thing Elton John Is Addicted To

Even with their seasoned familiarity with the ways of the world, John and Taupin maintain a lasting friendship, staying connected over the years. Taupin playfully remarked on the musical icon’s penchant for FaceTime, saying, “I still talk to him regularly, and now that he’s addicted to FaceTime, it’s nice to be able to see him rather than just hear him, because in that way you sort of feel like if he calls you in the morning, you feel like you actually saw him in the morning.” As John steps away from the limelight of the stage, it becomes evident that he continues to cherish the friendships forged throughout his illustrious career.

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