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Brian May’s New Year Message: Wisdom for His Younger Self

In his New Year’s message posted on Instagram, Brian May offered insights into the advice he would impart to his younger self. Accompanied by a vintage photo of himself, the Queen guitarist shared the following reflection:

“It’s a peculiar period between Christmas and New Year, isn’t it? Bri X (Thanks to the brilliant Sarah Rugg for capturing my mood so perfectly). I find myself contemplating the advice I’d offer to this younger version of me if given the chance. Take care out there. Keep yer powder dry!” Honoring a Departed Friend

This year brought both somber and proud moments for May. Unfortunately, he experienced the loss of his longtime friend and driver, Phil Webb, to a heart attack. May expressed his grief and paid tribute to Webb on Instagram, stating:

“Today marks one of the saddest moments in my life. Last night, we said goodbye to Phil Webb, who succumbed to a heart attack. Phil, my devoted driver for over 30 years, was not just a cherished friend and guardian to my family but also the kindest and most honorable man I’ve ever had the privilege to know.”

May’s heartfelt message to his departed friend continued: “We are all in deep sorrow, standing in solidarity with Phil’s wife and son as we mourn the untimely passing of a man who was the last person on Earth to deserve this premature farewell. Bless you, dear Phil – your memory is eternally cherished. We take pride in the life you led and remain forever thankful for all that you bestowed upon us – a debt beyond the reach of mere words.”

Regal Recognitio

In more joyous updates, the rock icon received a knighthood from King Charles III and is now officially known as Sir Brian. This prestigious title was conferred in recognition of his contributions to music and charity, a moment he joyfully shared on Instagram. Reflecting on the occasion, he fondly recalled performing music on the rooftop of Buckingham Palace for a special event—an experience he loved but humorously declared a one-time venture.

In addition to the knighthood, May hinted at exciting projects on the horizon. He teased a forthcoming documentary collaboration with Tony Iommi, delving into the realm of guitar riffs. Furthermore, he dropped hints about potential new music with Queen and Adam Lambert, expressing optimism for future collaborations despite their hectic schedules.

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