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“Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden Expresses Concerns About Wealthy ‘Fake’ Fans”

In a recent interview with Brazil’s 92.5 Kiss FM radio station, Bruce Dickinson shared his thoughts on Iron Maiden’s October performance at the Power Trip festival in Indio, California, revealing a stark contrast between the festival crowd and the band’s regular fans. He expressed:

“It was a bit strange for us because the people who should have been at the front of the stage, considering the expensive festival tickets, were at the back. Meanwhile, those at the front were predominantly affluent individuals focused on recording everything on their phones. Unfortunately, the kids we wanted to engage with were stuck at the back. That’s disappointing, actually.”

Looking forward to Iron Maiden’s 2024 tour, Dickinson continued: “It wasn’t our festival; it wasn’t our organization. Next year, we’re heading to America for our own tour. The individuals at the front will be those who truly deserve to be there—the genuine fans. That’s going to be fantastic.

Iron Maiden’s Genuine Fanbase

Dickinson took a moment to express gratitude to the Brazilian and South American fans for their passionate response to metal shows while pointing out the affluent attendees at the Power Trip show.

When questioned if the distinction between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ fans prompted his mention of the South American fans, the singer clarified:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s, like, yeah. Go take a look at some genuine rock and roll fans — not a bunch of posers who just want to be at the front. ‘I paid 3,000 dollars for my ticket. Look at me.’ Forget that.”

“Fan Response to the Band’s Live Performances”

Despite the critiques, Iron Maiden’s Power Trip show garnered positive feedback from the audience. The band performed the same 15-song set from the 2023 leg of ‘The Future Past Tour,’ featuring tracks from their recent album, ‘Senjutsu,’ and 1986’s ‘Somewhere In Time.’

Bassist Steve Harris acknowledged these reactions while announcing the upcoming North American leg of ‘The Future Past Tour’ a few weeks ago. His words, posted on the band’s official website, read: “We’re really excited to be bringing ‘The Future Past Tour’ back to Canada and the United States next year. We know from the reaction of our fans at Power Trip and the shows we played in Canada recently that they really enjoyed hearing new songs from both ‘Senjutsu’ and ‘Somewhere In Time,’ and we’ve really enjoyed playing them!”

“Upcoming Tour Dates”

Following 12 dates in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, the North American leg of ‘The Future Past Tour’ is set to commence at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in California on October 4. A few months earlier, Dickinson will also grace the stage solo to promote his forthcoming album ‘The Mandrake Project.’

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