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Bruce Kulick Declares Departure from Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Railroad Faces Lineup Change as Bruce Kulick Bids Farewell In a recent development, Grand Funk Railroad finds itself with a diminished lineup following the departure of Bruce Kulick. The veteran guitarist marked the end of his tenure with the band during their final performance on December 14 in Marietta, Ohio.

Making the announcement on his Instagram account, Kulick accompanied the message with a stage snapshot, expressing his gratitude to fellow band members Don Brewer, Mel Schacher, Max Carl, and Tim Cashion for the remarkable 23 years of musical collaboration. Kulick’s departure signals a significant shift in the band’s dynamic, leaving fans curious about the future direction of Grand Funk Railroad.

Unveiling Further Insights into His Exit

Grand Funk Railroad: A Legacy of Rock Since 1969 Since its inception in 1969, Grand Funk Railroad has maintained an enduring presence in the music scene. Bruce Kulick, a pivotal member, joined the band following its second disbandment in 1983. They regrouped for the third time in 1996, ushering in a new era with a refreshed lineup. Kulick, having contributed nearly three decades to the band’s journey, recently opened up about his departure in an exclusive interview with Ultimate Classic Rock.

Delving into the challenges of constant collaboration and shedding light on the reasons behind his split, Kulick expressed: “While I’ve always cherished my time playing with Grand Funk over the years, the relentless travel commitments—most weekends every month, throughout the year—eventually made it increasingly challenging. I needed to take a step back and explore my personal and creative aspirations.”

Exciting Developments in Store for Kiss Fans from Kulick

Kulick Teases Exciting Prospects, Potentially Reviving Kiss Era While remaining cautious about certainties, Kulick shares his optimism regarding various opportunities, especially the chance to delve deeper into celebrating his time with Kiss. Recognizing the ongoing discovery of his past contributions by newer generations, he expressed his gratitude in a recent interview:

“It’s truly remarkable to have been part of a band of such fame and influence, particularly on the youth. The fact that they haven’t forgotten me over the generations is truly wonderful.” Stay tuned for potential updates; there might be more news coming your way.

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