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Certainly! How about this: “Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal Reveals Harrowing Experience with Death Threats from GN’R Fans

During an interview with Rockin’ Metal Revival, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal shared a memorable incident from a Guns N’ Roses concert at the Rock In Rio festival in Brazil back in 2011. The performance faced extreme weather conditions, with heavy rain causing chaos on stage. Thal recounted a lighthearted attempt to interact with the audience that took an unexpected turn:

“At the front row, there was this lovely girl with a ‘Star Wars’ stormtrooper helmet. I thought, ‘Yeah, give me the helmet,’ and I planned to wear it while playing for a bit. So, I got the helmet, put it on my head, and as soon as it touched my cheeks, it was like it fused to my face because everything was so wet.” What started as a playful moment turned into a challenging situation, with the wet helmet sticking to Thal’s face, presenting an unforeseen obstacle to his performance. He explained:

“I remember just saying, ‘Oh, shit.’ And as soon as I said the ‘S’ curse, everything fogged up. Now I have this helmet that’s not easy to remove, and that’s not ideal when you’re trying to play guitar on stage. I couldn’t see anything; it was completely fogged up. The iconic solo to ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ was about to come up, and it’s the opening of the show. I thought, ‘This is not going to work out well.’ So, I managed to get the helmet up over my eyes and kept it there. Then I nodded, thinking, ‘Ah, good.’ It flopped right back down. Halfway through the solo, I had to stop playing, pull the helmet back, so I could see what I was doing.”

The aftermath of the helmet incident took Thal by surprise. He concluded the story with: “Those few seconds I stopped playing, the next day I got hundreds — hundreds — of furious emails from Brazilians, saying I had destroyed their life, receiving death threats and all this stuff. Even 12 years later, occasionally, someone will send me an email with a screenshot of me wearing that helmet, saying, ‘Ha ha ha.'”

“Ron Thal Releases First Instrumental Solo Album in Nearly Thirty Years”

Ron Thal has recently wrapped up his first instrumental solo album in nearly three decades, as disclosed in an interview with Brazil’s Ibagenscast. Discussing his creative process, Thal highlighted the unique challenge of maintaining a strictly instrumental approach to his compositions. He explained:

“I embarked on creating an instrumental album because every time I attempt to turn a song into an instrumental piece, a catchy melody pops up, and I find myself thinking, ‘Oh, I’ve got to sing that.’ It inevitably becomes a vocal track, and the guitar part lacks the desired melody. So, this time, I literally put a big piece of tape over my mouth as I was crafting ideas and writing.”

While Thal released two instrumental songs in 2019 and 2020, his involvement with other bands slowed down the progress of his solo project on the business side. Despite the delays, he assured that the musical aspect of the album is fully realized. Thal stated:

“The music for the album is completed, and now it’s a matter of finalizing the artwork and creating animated music videos.” In an exciting turn of events, Thal unveiled plans for a unique album rollout, featuring a video game accompanying the first single. This innovative approach aims to provide fans with an interactive experience, extending the enjoyment beyond the realm of music.

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