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Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake is still alive and not doing well in Extraction 2.

Extraction, a 2020 action thriller on Netflix starring Chris Hemsworth, was one of the streamer’s most popular movies (according to their own self-reported statistics), so it’s not surprise that a sequel will soon be released.

Hemsworth is back as Tyler Rake, a black market mercenary entrusted with “extracting” people from captivity, after declaring last year that he was thinking about taking an early retirement of sorts from acting due to a condition that put him at a higher risk of Alzheimer’s.

Here is what we know about Extraction 2, which will soon be followed by another secret operation.

What’s the story in Extraction 2?
The minor detail that Hemsworth was slain makes it difficult to make an Extraction sequel. Maybe. Although it was intentionally left vague, nothing can bring a dead man back to life like the prospect of a sequel order.

The only indication that Hemsworth’s Rake may still be alive came at the very end as he was shot and falling into a river. Of course, #RakeLives was the first thing to appear in the official teaser for the movie that Netflix released. No one actually dies in movies, according to filmmaking 101.

Netflix unveiled Extraction 2’s official synopsis during their yearly TUDUM Festival: Rake is back and given another dangerous mission: rescuing the wounded family of a brutal Georgian mobster from the prison where they are being imprisoned. Rake barely made it through the events of the first movie. So far, the first movie feels the most similar. Hey, once you perform one extraction, you perform all of them.

With Rake’s first story connected, the movie is probably going to be a standalone from the first one. Even so, dealing with the little stress of nearly passing out under a hail of bullets.

Is a trailer for Extraction 2 available?
“You only get one shot at a second chance” is the tagline used by Netflix to promote the Extraction 2 trailer. Hemsworth saves a girl from a jail in the style of the Soviet Union in the movie’s teaser, which is punctuated only by brief flashbacks to his own anguish of being declared clinically dead at one point. Understandable. The complete trailer is available here.

Who is a cast member of Extraction 2?
Hemsworth is, of course, returning as the mercenary Tyler Rake, and because of the nature of his work, it appears as though he is edging out practically everyone else.

Golshifteh Farahani, who portrays fellow mercenary Nik Kahn, and Adam Bessa, who plays Yaz Kahn, another member of Tyler’s squad, are returning for the second adventure. Olga Kurylenko, who plays the character Mia in Extraction 2, is a notable newcomer.

Sam Hargrave, who oversaw the original movie, is back in charge of the camera. Joe Russo, who collaborated on writing the original graphic novel with Anthony Russo and a group of other authors, will be in charge of the script.

Extraction 2 is due out when?
On June 16, Extraction 2 will be available on Netflix.

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