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Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters Acknowledges the “Challenges” of Going Solo

Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett Opens Up About the Challenges of Going Solo Chris Shiflett, the lead guitarist for Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters, recently shared insights into the complexities of embarking on a solo career and stepping into the role of a frontman.

Joining Foo Fighters in 1999 after winning the guitarist spot through open auditions, Shiflett has been a key contributor to nine Foo Fighters records, including their latest release, “But Here We Are,” which came out earlier this year.

In parallel with his Foo Fighters journey, Shiflett launched his solo career in 2010. Despite releasing five full-length solo albums, with his debut being “Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants,” the guitarist admitted that transitioning to a solo artist was “challenging,” as revealed in a recent interview with Classic Rock, via Music News.

Identifying guitar playing as his “comfort zone,” Shiflett confessed to the initial struggle of adapting to the frontman role that faces the crowd. “But to be the singer and then also have to talk to the crowd,” he explained, “I had to work at that.”

Shiflett found his stride when he began considering his responsibility to the audience. “What you realize is that people want to have a good time,” he said. “They’ve hired a sitter, bought tickets, bought a few drinks, maybe bought a t-shirt, they’ve invested in the evening.”

Understanding that his role on stage is to provide the audience with a memorable experience, Shiflett remarked, “Once I figured that out, things got a lot better.”

Looking ahead, Shiflett is gearing up for his 2024 tour in support of his latest solo record, “Lost At Sea.” The Foo Fighters guitarist will grace stages across the UK and Ireland, with scheduled dates in Manchester, Dublin, and London.

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