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Damiano David of Måneskin Explores the Idea of a Solo Project

Måneskin’s Damiano David keeps the door open for a potential solo project. In a recent interview on ‘The Allison Hagendorf Show,’ David explored the concept of embarking on a solo venture. Recognizing the potential rewards and challenges of solo projects, he emphasized the importance of maintaining cohesion within the band. He envisioned individual endeavors as sources of fresh inspiration for Måneskin. David expressed it as follows:

“And I actually wish that one day we all do like a solo project one year and then we come back together with new ideas, new stimulation.”

While acknowledging the difficulties of pursuing a solo career, Damiano added that true growth happens in discomfort. He conveyed that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is essential for artistic evolution. He elaborated:

“I think art should always be trying new things and never, never stopping in your comfort zone. When something gets too comfortable, it’s not the right chair. You always have to challenge yourself. So being alone scares me. Let’s be alone. Let’s put myself in that uncomfortable situation because it’s the only environment where I can actually grow. And if I grow, my band can grow. If I stop developing, my band is gonna stop developing.”

Regarding the potential solo project, the rock star noted:

“I think it could be a very healthy thing and a very destructive thing. The only thing that matters is how you agree with the band because the band is always gonna be what gave me everything I have. And if I ever have the chance to do a solo project, I have to keep in my mind that it’s thanks to everything I did with the band.”

Damiano Shares Concerns About Venturing into Solo Territory

While Damiano values the creative synergy of collaboration, he recognizes the significance of individual projects in allowing an artist to fully manifest their personal vision. However, he expresses reservations about going solo comfortably. In the interview, he delves deeper into this sense of ‘discomfort,’ revealing insecurities about undertaking a solo project. The idea of not having his band as a safety net to cover mistakes concerns him. He shared:

“And I always had this shield of my band, my musicians. If I fuck up, they’re gonna save me. If they fuck up, I’m gonna save them. So that’s a dynamic that really scares me, thinking about it, like if one day I have a solo project, I’m gonna be alone; it’s gonna be all on me.” Despite these worries, he emphasizes the importance of artists working within a group to then express themselves individually and without compromise. He elaborated:

“But at the same time, I think that (there) comes a point where every artist should do his own thing, like saying, ‘This is me. And this is what I would do if I was alone, if everything was about me and thought about me.’ And I think also, like if I do a solo project tomorrow, I think that it’s gonna help people understand more about the band because I’m one of the four elements of the band.”

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