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“Dave Davies Approves Ray Davies for New Kinks Music”

Fans of The Kinks might be in for a treat with new music on the horizon. In a recent interview with X101, Dave Davies spilled the beans on the potential upcoming Kinks music and the reason behind him giving the go-ahead to his brother and bandmate, Ray Davies, for new musical endeavors.

It turns out there were some songs tucked away, waiting for the right moment until they caught the attention of Davies’ brother. So, could there be new music in the works? Davies explained: “I don’t know, but me and Ray played on tracks that’ve been sitting around, that we didn’t quite finish and are too good to just shelve, so it’s very possible.”

“Kinks Marks 60th Anniversary Celebration”

The Kinks are currently marking their 60th anniversary with a two-year celebration, highlighted by the release of two box sets: ‘The Journey — Part 1,’ introduced in March, and the recent unveiling of ‘The Journey — Part 2.’ Part 2 features tracks like ‘Lincoln County’ and ‘God’s Children.’ These comprehensive sets not only showcase Kinks hits but also delve into ‘non-hits,’ deep cuts, and unreleased music.

Dave Davies expresses his satisfaction with the sets, noting that they include B-sides and previously unheard material. Reflecting on the unreleased songs recorded earlier, Davies mentioned: “I don’t know if they’ll ever see the light of day, but over the years, I’ve become less critical. Songs have foibles and weird sh*t, and I think it’s all important aspects of recording. We’ve been doing it for so long it’s kinda nice to hear the nuances.” This opens up the possibility for fans to experience new music, perhaps sooner rather than later.

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