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Dave Mustaine Deems Rock Fans’ Grievances Over Ticket Prices ‘Unjust

In a recent appearance on The SDR Show, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth brushed off rock fans’ concerns about ticket prices as unwarranted.

The guitarist delved into the substantial costs associated with touring, highlighting that it involves more than just the musical performance. Mustaine pointed out that everyone involved, from band members to technicians, receives daily compensation. He elaborated:

“For us, it’s a sizable team – a light man, a sound man, a monitor man. And when you get on the stage, there’s a whole crew. You’ve got a drum tech, guitar techs for each instrument, and another monitor guy.”

An Overview of Tour Expenditures

Mustaine added, referencing other crew members: “Beyond that, there’s the backstage crew, the drivers, the bus drivers, the truck drivers, the caterers, and so on. Plus, there are all the hotel expenses, the cost of securing hotel rooms for everyone involved. And, of course, we need to feed them too.”

Mustaine’s Take on Audience Response

Mustaine also commented on the audience’s response to the ticket prices, stating: “The costs just keep rising. Many people glance at the ticket price and think, ‘I’m not paying 75 bucks to see these guys.’ It’s unfair to make that judgment.”

Earlier Perspectives from Dave on Post-Pandemic Touring Expenses

The singer also shared thoughts on the same subject during a June conversation with the Jeremy White Show. He delved into the heightened expenses associated with touring post-pandemic. When asked about Megadeth’s current touring costs, Dave responded:

“Oh, it’s pretty expensive. I think it’s about 45 thousand dollars a day for us just to sit still. It might be 52. But that’s just sitting still; that’s not even doing a show. Show days are even more expensive… [It includes] salaries, hotel rooms, insurance — everything. The buses, the bus drivers, the trucks, the truck drivers. Yeah, a lot of stuff.”

During the summer, the Eagles also faced criticism from fans regarding high ticket prices, some reaching $500, for their 2023 farewell tour. One fan expressed interest in attending the show but found the $500 tickets too steep, while another fan advocated for more affordable ticket prices.

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