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David Gilmour Affirms His Work on an Upcoming Album

It’s now confirmed that Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is actively working on a new album, as revealed by his wife, Polly Samson, who recently shared photos of Gilmour at British Grove Studios. The images suggest collaborative efforts with notable artists such as Brian Eno, Goldie, Guy Pratt, and producer Charlie Andrew, recognized for his work with Alt-J, Marika Hackman, and Suvi. The star-studded lineup hints at a comprehensive, full-band progressive approach for the upcoming record.

This project marks Gilmour’s first since 2015’s “Rattle That Lock.” While he has released standalone singles since then, discussions about a new album have been minimal, and he hasn’t graced the stage since 2016.

Though finer details of the project remain unclear, Samson confirmed the endeavor while promoting her new novel, “A Theatre for Dreamers,” in an interview with the Romanian publication Zile si Nopti. The accompanying studio photos add substance to the confirmation.

Gilmour himself expressed his intention to create another album in March, stating, “Life is to be continued, music is to be continued, I have every intention of making another album. My intention is for it not to take nine years this time, but there’s no promises.”

With the project already in the studio stage, evident from the photos of mixing sessions, there’s optimistic anticipation that the new album may grace listeners in 2024.

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