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“David Letterman Confesses Fear of Green Day’s Tré Cool”

Comedian David Letterman recently admitted to feeling a sense of fear towards Green Day’s drummer, Tré Cool.In a brief snippet shared by Consequence on their X, Letterman can be seen discussing Green Day and the drummer’s post-show antics. He elaborated on why he found the drummer intimidating:

“Green Day. Whenever Green Day would be on, I was frightened by the drummer. And because whenever they would finish, he would charge the desk and lunge at me to the point I assumed he was kidding around or perhaps he wanted to actually hurt me. But looking back at it, [I say,] ‘Wow, what a great experience that was.'”

“Green Day’s Multiple Appearances on Letterman’s Shows”

Letterman has helmed his own live talk shows and nighttime programs, featuring multiple appearances by Green Day for live performances. On the show, Tre Cool, the drummer, had a unique post-performance ritual of getting up from behind the drum kit and throwing himself onto the floor.

These instances were not isolated, as the drummer frequently displayed childlike antics during the band’s performances. It became one of his signature moves to step away from the drum kit, roam around, and occasionally switch instruments. In the video below, you can hear Letterman’s comments and witness a few instances where Tre Cool embraces his spontaneous behavior.


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