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Deadpool 3’s Unique Wolverine Arc Teased By Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has teased the unique Wolverine arc Deadpool 3 will include for the character’s first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deadpool 3 will serve both as an ending and a start of a new chapter for the title character. The movie takes place in the MCU, with Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson/Deadpool being joined by a returning Jackman as Wolverine. Jackman returns as the X-Men character for the first time since 2017’s Logan, which was then said to be his final turn as the character. After years of back and forth between friends Reynolds and Jackman, the latter agreed to don the Adamantium claws again for an MCU-set adventure.

In an interview with People, Jackman teased Deadpool 3 will include a brand-new experience for him as Wolverine. Deadpool 3 includes X-Men characters in the MCU for the first time, with comic book readers excited about how that will affect future events in the universe. Jackman shared that excitement over the source material being adapted, by admitting he wants to bring the classic comic-book rivalry of Deadpool and Wolverine to the big screen. Jackman also spoke of Wolverines’ unique arc in Deadpool 3, teasing it’s “Something I’ve never done before.” Check out the full quote and interview below:

When I keep thinking of me and Ryan, of Deadpool and Wolverine, which are classic comic-book rivals, there’s also a dynamic that I’ve never really got to do before as Wolverine. I just thought, “This is gonna be fun. Something I’ve never done before.” I can’t wait.

How Will Wolverine & Deadpool’s Relationship Change

Wolverine and Deadpool have a relationship that will be 15 years old when the pair gets reunited in 2024’s Deadpool 3. The duo, already played at the time by actors Jackman and Reynolds, first met in the disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which made Deadpool look bad. The movie was the first time Deadpool appeared on the big screen, and it nearly killed the character’s future potential, as instead of the lovable, yet completely deranged, comic book accurate version of the character Reynolds portrays in the Deadpool movies, X-Men Origins: Wolverine chose to sew the wise-cracking hero’s mouth shut and give him a completely different visual and powers.

When Deadpool and Wolverine meet again in the MCU, one of the characters will be pretty much new and that should affect how their relationship was presented in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the 2009 film, Reynolds’ Wade Wilson was first presented as a mutant soldier and mercenary who was part of the Black Ops group called Team X, alongside Wolverine, in the Vietnam War. Deadpool 2’s ending set up a time travel return for Wolverine, with Cable’s time-traveling device being left with Wade, which could present a number of different moments for Jackman’s hero to be taken from to the MCU, such as the movie Logan, with a meeting between different versions of Wolverine and Deadpool creating a brand-new relationship.

What To Expect From Wolverine In Deadpool 3

Reynolds’ original idea for Deadpool 3, before Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, was for it to be a Wolverine & Deadpool road trip. That could still happen in Deadpool 3, with the small caveat of the trip being from the Fox X-Men universe to the MCU, rather than a normal road trip. There aren’t solid details on the exact plot of Deadpool 3, but the movie could serve as a victory lap across the wider Fox Marvel universe, including Fantastic Four movies from the early 2000s and both X-Men continuities, with Deadpool and Wolverine visiting those legacy movies, and audiences getting a chance to say goodbye to fan-favorites such as Michael Fassbender’s Magneto and James McAvoy’s Professor X. A clear picture of the story will be revealed whenever the Deadpool 3 trailer releases.

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