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Debbie Harry’s Pioneering Role in the Creation of the ‘Orgasmatron

“Unearthing Debbie Harry’s Path: From Diverse Jobs to Punk’s Provocative Queen” Finding the perfect time and place is crucial for any artist, a lesson Debbie Harry learned firsthand. Before making her mark in the cultural scene at the age of 31, she navigated various roles—from a secretary at BBC Radio’s New York offices to a waitress at the iconic Max’s Kansas City, a go-go dancer at a New Jersey discotheque, and even a stint as a Playboy Bunny.

Amidst the backdrop of a crumbling New York City, she witnessed the evolution of the art world, eventually finding her niche in the punk movement. As she aptly put it, “I’m a culture vulture, and I just want to experience it all.”

Her thirst for diverse experiences extended beyond music. Undoubtedly a sex symbol, Harry embraced this label as a source of power, boldly stating, “I wish I had invented sex.” While whimsical, this sentiment speaks to her contributions to eroticism, with Harry confidently asserting, “Being hot never hurts.”

Yet, her audacious foray into carnal temptation wasn’t limited to provocative moments like flashing her panties. One of her more direct contributions involved sparking the idea for her ex-boyfriend, Penn Jillette, to patent a jacuzzi with water jets strategically positioned for clitoral stimulation. Reflecting on the outcome, she humorously remarked, “Penn patented the orgasmatron tub. I kept expecting his wife to at least send me flowers.”

While this custom device may have generated endless pleasure in Jillette’s abode, the musician—yes, the same Penn Jillette—kept the clitoral innovation to himself post-patent, and it doesn’t seem to have become a commercially available tub.

For those surprised by Penn of Penn & Teller’s punk connection, he himself recalls, “I was good friends with the Ramones, very, very good friends with Lou Reed, very good friends with Debbie Harry. I went out with Debbie for years and years.” Their amicable breakup is immortalized in Harry’s memoir, where she left them a parting gift in the form of a jittering jettison of water, a tale that unfolds in the initial pages of her captivating life story.

This openness to discuss once-taboo topics epitomizes her punk ethos. As she boldly declared, “I like that I was on the fans’ bedroom walls, helping them to entertain themselves.” In her memoir, she reflects, “Sex is what makes everything happen. Sex is why people dress nice, comb their hair, brush their teeth, and take showers.”

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