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Deen Castronovo Reflects on the Sacrifices Made to Join Journey

Deen Castronovo recently shared a post on X to ring in the New Year for everyone, where he also contemplated the sacrifices associated with being a part of Journey. In his message, accompanied by a tour photo of himself, the drummer wrote:

“The day is drawing near! The bittersweet life on the road! Touring with my brothers in Journey is my ‘happy place,’ but as anyone making a living in this knows, it comes with a cost. I’ve missed first words, first steps, first days of school, graduations, birthdays—the list goes on for miles.”

Deen’s Devotion to Fans

Acknowledging the fans, his post extended: “The beautiful and meaningful aspects of life are sacrificed for the betterment of my family. It’s you, the fans, who make the pain of being away more manageable! I love you all to Mars and back (even farther than the moon, it’s science)! Happy New Year, everyone!”

A Year Filled with Musical Ventures

This year has been quite eventful for Castronovo, juggling his commitments with both Journey and Revolution Saints. He embarked on the Freedom Tour 2023 with Journey and collaborated on the release of a new album with Revolution Saints titled ‘Eagle Flight.’ When questioned about his experiences, comparing his roles as a supporting member in Journey and the lead singer for Revolution Saints in a March interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, the musician shared:

“It’s intimidating. I’m a drummer who happens to sing, that’s how I see it. Drums are my day job, and I know I’m comfortable there. Being a lead singer, I’m not there yet. There are guys who’ve been doing it for years and years, and that’s their instrument, you know what I mean?” Reflecting on his unexpected foray into vocals with Journey, he added:

“I was kind of thrown into the whole vocal thing back in 2006 when [former Journey singer] Steve Augeri was facing some vocal issues. I had always been a background singer, so taking on lead vocals is definitely a different experience. It’s not something I’m entirely comfortable with yet, but I’m open to giving it a shot, trying to step into the frontman role.”

Deen is gearing up for the release of his latest album with Revolution Saints, ‘Against The Winds,’ on February 9, 2024. Additionally, he’ll be hitting the road with Journey for an extensive summer tour in 2024. Check out his New Year post below.


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