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Deep Purple Reveals Stand-In for Don Airey in Upcoming Show Due to Unexpected Illness

Deep Purple’s Don Airey Forced to Miss Bengaluru Show Due to Illness; Adam Wakeman Steps In Deep Purple has regretfully announced that Don Airey, owing to an unforeseen illness, won’t be able to participate in their upcoming performance in Bengaluru on December 17th. Expressing disappointment over Airey’s absence, the band has confirmed that Adam Wakeman, known for his work with Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne, will fill in for the Bengaluru show at Bandland. The official statement reads:

“Due to unforeseen illness, Don Airey is unable to perform at Bandland in Bengaluru later this month. Don is hugely disappointed not to be performing with the band in India but wishes all fans a fantastic night in Bengaluru on 17th December. Adam Wakeman (Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne) will be performing with Deep Purple at Bandland in Bengaluru on 17th December.”

Deep Purple Takes the Stage Live Amidst the Farewell Tour “The Last Goodbye

Deep Purple’s Touring Saga: From “The Long Goodbye” to an Ambiguous Future In the wake of Deep Purple’s recent announcement of the “Whoosh! Tour” this year, fans were taken on a journey of uncertainty back in 2017 when the band presented the tour titled “The Long Goodbye.” Speculation arose among Deep Purple enthusiasts, assuming it might signify a farewell. However, the group members left the matter unclear, fostering confusion. A few years later, frontman Ian Gillan addressed the confusion, stating he had no imminent plans for retirement. The “Long Goodbye” tour initially launched in support of their 20th studio album, “Infinite,” but it wasn’t explicitly labeled as a farewell tour.

In 2018, Steve Morse, the guitarist at the time, added to the uncertainty during an interview with Koztimes. Morse remarked, “For me, personally, it’s a farewell tour. As for the other guys, then I think they will still be playing. Perhaps in other groups, special projects, or as invited guests.” He expressed his intent to stay in music but in a less active capacity. Morse acknowledged the challenge of abandoning music when it had been the most significant aspect of life for many years.

Despite the ambiguous statements, Morse left Deep Purple in 2022 due to health issues. Interestingly, Morse returned to the stage with Deep Purple for a few shows this year, although his commitment to the ongoing tour remains uncertain. The band’s touring saga continues, leaving fans in suspense about what the future holds for Deep Purple.

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