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Dino Cazares Explores the Reasons Behind Fear Factory’s Post-Departure Struggles

In a recent X post, Dino Cazares delved into the post-departure challenges faced by Fear Factory, prompted by a fan’s question about the band’s downfall.

Initiating a conversation with his followers on the platform, the guitarist prompted them to share any peculiar or negative stories circulating about him, whether true or not. In response, a user asked Dino about his time in Fear Factory:

“Is it true that you were an over-controlling figure (as mentioned by Christian O.W. [Olde Wolbers], Ray H. [Herrera], and even Burton [C. Bell] at the time) in 2004? I’ve only met you once, and you were cool to me Shrug.”

Cazares’ Response to the User’s Inquiry

Cazares provided a response to the question, touching upon the absence of a strong leader like himself and an internal conflict within the band: “It depends on who you ask. I led Fear Factory successfully until my departure in 2002. From 2002 to 2009, the remaining members released only two albums and struggled to stay cohesive without a leader. Additionally, personal conflicts arose, including one of the members being involved with another member’s spouse.”

Unraveling the Multifaceted Factors Behind Cazares’ Exit in 2002

In 2002, Dino Cazares’ exit from Fear Factory was marked by a complex interplay of personal and legal conflicts among band members. The intricacies leading to his departure involved disputes over the band’s direction, business decisions, and personal disagreements. Reflecting on his departure in a 2021 conversation with Laundry Audio, Dino explained:

“A lot of tension arose during the writing process of [2001’s] ‘Digimortal’ because the record label aimed for us to be a more commercial band. They wanted to involve outside producers to assist in crafting radio-friendly songs. I wasn’t on board with it; I opposed it, while the other three were in favor. There was a backstage battle during that record.”

Discussing the tour, he further revealed: “Eventually, on tour in 2002, tensions escalated between me and Burton [C. Bell, vocals]. We had arguments, we even got into a physical altercation… I thought we had patched things up, but apparently, he felt differently. So, in 2002, we decided to leave the band. We quit, the band disbanded, and I moved on to pursue other endeavors.”

Post his departure, Fear Factory continued with various lineups. Cazares later rejoined Fear Factory in 2009. His return was met with positive reception from fans, and the band released new material aiming to recapture their earlier success and sound.


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