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Dua Lipa’s 3D Manicure Is Giving Zenon Vibes

Since February, Dua Lipa has been looking like a walking disco ball thanks to her on-stage costume changes for her Future Nostalgia tour. Despite the singer’s packed schedule, she’s still managed to share a few off-stage moments with her millions of Instagram fans.

As important as touring is for her, so are her auntie duties, which she shared about on May 17 with an Instagram carousel featuring her holding an adorable baby. While we were cooing over the baby’s chubby cheeks, we couldn’t help but notice the “Don’t Stop Now” singer’s funky 3D manicure.

The post’s third and fifth photos give a peek at these square-shaped tips. Each nail was coated with an iridescent, chartreuse green hue that resembles some alien metal more than nail polish. This monochromatic manicure is anything but basic, and looks even more creative with the raised, textured blobs on each nail.

It’s hard to make out what exactly these blobs are made of, or if they are even a specific shape or design, but they make this manicure look like a piece of abstract art. In fact, these nails are totally giving us some of our own “future nostalgia.” While futuristic, it also reminds us of Disney Channel original movie and Y2K throwback Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Our girl Zenon definitely would have rocked this mani at a Proto Zoa concert.

The Grammy winner is no stranger to metallic, abstract manicures like this green one — for instance, the almond-shaped, gilded nails with 3D globs she wore back in December 2021.

That same month, she swapped that golden manicure out for a yet another textured mani painted with chrome silver, green, and pink pigments. It’s evident that the pop singer is a fan of holographic hues, and we love every centimeter of this set.

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