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Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses Expresses Concern: ‘God Is Upset With Us

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses shared his perspective, stating that he believes ‘God is mad’ at us, especially in the context of his new solo album, ‘Lighthouse.’

When asked about the song ‘I Saw God On 10th St.,’ where God is portrayed as an angry, homeless person cursing and spitting on the street, McKagan explained:

“‘God On 10th St.’ delves into how we’re all messing things up. If there is a God, he might be that person on the corner who’s spitting and cursing, and we dismiss as having some mental illness. Nah, that’s God, and he’s upset with the entire situation, and he’s upset with you.”

Duff McKagan Expands on his Perception of a Wrathful Divine Presence

In a prior press release, the bassist elaborated on the same track, stating: “The ultimate judge of us all, angered, squinting eyes warding off what he witnesses, spitting frequently with no concern for those around. The Creator. God. Allah, Shiva, or whoever it may be. Sometimes, I believe I catch a glimpse of him over on 10th St., hands clenched tightly, and toes curled up and tense.”

Shaping the Narrative of ‘Lighthouse

Duff’s third solo album, ‘Lighthouse,’ marks his return after four years since ‘Tenderness,’ and it was released on October 20. Teaming up with producer Martin Feveyear, he crafted new songs in his Seattle studio, established in 2019. Despite having written 60 tracks, he carefully selected 11 for the album. Reflecting on the process of narrowing down the material, the rocker shared with Spin in November:

“When I recorded ‘Lighthouse,’ I knew it had to be the first song on the album. By the time I reached ‘I Just Don’t Know,’ I knew it would serve as the concluding track. From there, I aimed to fill in the gaps, much like crafting a novel, with highs and lows, creating a story from start to finish. I appreciate listening to albums from the first cut to the last.

I grew up in an era where records took you on journeys, and that’s precisely what I aimed to achieve with ‘Lighthouse.’ I want to convey our truths honestly. You don’t need fancy riffs and embellishments to communicate your message.” Featuring collaborations with musicians such as Slash, Paul McCartney’s drummer Abe Laboriel Jr., Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell, and Iggy Pop, the album seamlessly blends acoustic and electric elements.

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