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Ed O’Brien of Radiohead Ends Social Media Silence with Apology to Fans

Ed O’Brien Breaks Social Media Silence with Apology for Silence on Israel-Palestine Conflict Ed O’Brien of Radiohead made a return to social media with a New Year’s post on Instagram. In this post, he offered an apology for his previous silence on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which was triggered by the Hamas attack at an Israeli music festival in October. Advocating for a ceasefire between the conflicting parties, the guitarist expressed:

“Happy New Year to each and every one of you. Wishing you and your loved ones happiness, joy, and laughter, and a bright 2024… An apology, too… It’s been a while since I posted. Like so many of you, I have found the events of October 7 and what has followed too awful for words. Anything that I have tried to write feels so utterly inadequate… Ceasefire now. Return the hostages.”

The Israel-Palestine issue has been a sensitive topic for Radiohead. The band faced criticism in 2017 for performing in Israel despite calls from Palestinian supporters and some musicians to cancel their show. This decision resulted in protests at their concerts, including major festivals like Glastonbury and TRNSMT.

Engaging in New Endeavors: Ed O’Brien’s Latest Ventures

Ed O’Brien Expresses Gratitude and Teases New Album Since Radiohead scrapped plans for a new tour in 2021, Ed O’Brien has maintained a relatively low profile. In a recent Instagram post, he took a moment to thank his fans for their unwavering support and acknowledged the necessity of taking a break before delving into new projects:

“I also just want to say how thankful I am for this little community that we have on here… That felt so affirming when we were doing our in-isolation nights… Thank you, and big love to all of you. I will get back to this… It’s just sometimes you need a break from all this stuff, and it needs to come from the right place.”

Adding to the excitement, the guitarist revealed that he is currently working on an upcoming album: “I’m deep into my next record and deep in the process. I will share some more soon… From music to influences to gear… All of it. It’s been and continues to be a journey. Sending love and warmth from me and Ziggy.”

Artist’s First Project in Several Years Unveiled

Ed O’Brien’s most recent solo venture was in April 2020 under his pseudonym EOB. The guitarist worked on tracks for the ‘Earth’ album in between Radiohead’s recording sessions and tours. In a conversation with NME, he shared:

“A theme on the record is that in spite of the darkness and challenging times that we live in, humanity can do amazing things when they put their mind to it. Look at what’s happened in the last couple of weeks: a new hospital has been opened up within six days, people have been looking out for the vulnerable and standing on their doorsteps en masse to clap and appreciate our NHS workers.”

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