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Evil West Is the Perfect Game to Play After God of War Ragnarök

Blockbuster releases always take the limelight during the major video game conversations, but indie games are the backbone of the industry and deserve to be played and adored. They’re usually smaller than the mega AAA titles, which makes them ideal for fans looking for something to tide them over until the next major release. One such example comes in the form of Evil West, a thrilling cowboy third-person shooter that fans may have missed.

Evil West puts players in control of Jesse Rentier, one of the last members of a secret organization tasked with protecting the world from the vampires, zombies, werewolves, and other supernatural monsters that threaten humanity on the American frontier. It’s the ideal game for fans to play after they’ve completed God of War Ragnarök. Its combat system is similar, with a familiar gameplay structure, and its puzzle sections will appeal to those who enjoyed similar ones in the Norse epic. Its story and shorter length are also less intense than Ragnarök’s, making it perfect for fans who want an exciting, but less bloated experience for their next game.

God of War Fans Will Love Evil West’s Combat

Evil West’s gameplay is very similar to God of War Ragnarök’s, with a combination of hard-hitting melee attacks interspersed with a variety of ranged attacks. Jesse may not feel quite as smooth to control as Kratos, but players will still enjoy feeling his raw power in their hands as they tear through hordes of supernatural enemies. Jesse’s abilities also increase as the game goes on using a similar leveling system to Ragnarök. This allows combat to stay fresh throughout the game. Fans of the Norse epic will also appreciate some familiar combat mechanics, including the hugely satisfying interruption of enemy attacks as well as some brutal finishing moves.

The gameplay itself is also structured very similarly to that of Ragnarök. Players mostly fight their way through linear areas, diverting occasionally to hunt for hidden stashes of money or interesting pieces of lore before culminating in a level with an epically framed boss fight. God of War Ragnarök’s boss fights, such as with the fearsome Berserkers, offer gamers a real challenge, and many of Evil West’s are no different. Both evoke that Soulslike feel wherein players need to be patient, learn enemy attacks, and utilize every bit of skill to come out victorious. As such, players get a real thrill when they defeat a particularly tough boss.

Evil West’s Puzzles Will Appeal to Ragnarök Fans

Evil West’s gameplay, like Ragnarök’s, is broken up by several small puzzle sections. These are fairly basic and tend to include pulling levers or shooting parts of the environment to create new traversable paths, but they do a good job of changing the game’s pace and giving players a short breather to take in their surroundings. Although the graphics understandably aren’t on the same level as Santa Monica Studio’s gorgeous effort, the art style is still impressive and varied.

Evil West’s Story Is Perfectly Balanced to Follow Up God of War Ragnarök

The cowboy shooter’s story is quite intriguing, combining the two popular themes of cowboys and the supernatural to create a relatively unique experience. It grabs players from the start, but it’s not as heavy-hitting as God of War Ragnarök’s emotional beats, meaning it’s ideal for mentally unwinding after such an emotionally investing game. Evil West is also a lot shorter than God of War Ragnarök but still offers a sizable story to players. This more bite-sized offering makes it perfect for playing in between bigger titles. Although it shares many similarities with God of War Ragnarök, Evil West is definitely its own game and deserves to be experienced and enjoyed by a wider range of players.

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