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Ex-Skid Row Drummer Crushes Sebastian Bach’s Hopes for a Reunion

In a recent interview with Laughingmonkeymusic, former Skid Row drummer Rob Affuso delved into the highly anticipated reunion of Skid Row, originally planned for this summer but ultimately thwarted by a range of factors. Affuso provided insights into the cancellation of the reunion:

“There was almost a Skid Row reunion. It was very close, actually. We all had our calendars blocked off, and a summer schedule was in place, with dates being proposed. It was truly disappointing when it fell apart.”

Describing the reasons behind the cancellation as ‘senseless,’ he continued: “I believe the reasons for the fallout were quite senseless. I think they could have been avoided, and things could have been resolved and worked through. Unfortunately, that’s how it played out. This happened about five or six years ago.”

Unraveling the True Reasons Behind the Reunion’s Collapse

In the same interview, when asked about the challenges in assembling all the original members for a reunion, the drummer responded succinctly: “Some of the guys there just really don’t want it to be. So that’s their right.”

The lead singer of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach, and Rob Affuso himself were left disheartened when the reunion plans fell through. Affuso expressed his disillusionment, citing that the attempt was taking ‘too much of a toll’:

“After the failure of the last attempt, the only attempt, I just said, ‘This is taking too much of a toll on me. I have to enjoy life. I have to do what I love. And I have no control over this, so I’ll just do what I do, have fun. If this ever comes around and comes together, then I’m gonna be there all in a thousand percent, but for now, I have to love my own life, love myself, and move forward thinking like that.’ Hopefully, it will happen, but I can’t dwell on the past or anticipate the future anymore.”

Resistance Among Other Members to a Reunion

Affuso wasn’t the sole dissatisfied member with the result. In fact, the other band members initially opposed a reunion with Bach. Dave Sabo, who has moved on from his Bach-fronted Skid Row years, also addressed the possibility of a reunion. He made it clear that the band had ruled out the idea of reuniting with Bach, emphasizing that he had no inclination to reform the band. Check out the latest interview below.

<iframe width=”768″ height=”658″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/_czEfLxCn_8″ title=”Ep 441 Rob Affuso (Skid Row) Sebastian Bach being in his video, playing live and recording ?” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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