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Family Ties Unravel: The Emotional Impact as Roger Waters’ Son, Harry, Faces Termination from His Father’s Fold

Harry Waters recently opened up to Rolling Stone about the profound impact of his dismissal from Roger Waters’ band just before the commencement of the ‘Us + Them’ tour in late 2016. After dedicating 14 years of collaborative effort with his father, the abrupt termination took an emotional toll on Harry. Reflecting on the experience of being fired by his own flesh and blood, he shared:

“It was a perplexing time for me. It seemed like my father was yearning for a change, a breath of fresh air. While I can’t pinpoint his exact motives, the decision affected nearly everyone on the team, excluding only keyboardist Jon Carin and guitarist Dave Kilminster. However, the fact that I was his son made the dismissal particularly poignant and doubly hurtful for me.”

Family Bonds Transcend Turbulence: Harry Waters’ Unwavering Support Amidst Professional Upheaval

Notwithstanding the challenges, Harry stands steadfast in his support for Roger, particularly in the face of criticism aimed at his father’s political perspectives. The former Pink Floyd member has faced accusations of antisemitism, attributed to his comments on the Israeli government and his use of stage attire and props referencing SS officers.

Addressing these allegations, Harry emphasized, “The claim that he’s an antisemite is entirely unfounded. He’s been employing satire for four decades, shedding light on the world’s evils. Unfortunately, people misinterpret it and label him as an antisemite, which is truly misguided.”

Future Collaborations: Harry Waters’ Outlook on Working with Roger Once More

Following his departure from Roger’s band, Harry took a hiatus from Pink Floyd’s music and refrained from engaging in another project with his father. Despite this, he remains open to the prospect, expressing, “I don’t envision it happening again, but maybe. We’ll see.

Exploring Harry Waters’ Musical Journey Beyond Pink Floyd: A Keyboardist’s Tale

Harry Waters made a notable return to covering Pink Floyd material during Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade’s tour earlier this year. Taking the next step in his musical journey, he is set to join the Pink Floyd tribute act, Brit Floyd, for three shows dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon.’

When asked about this new project, he shared with Rolling Stone: “I’ve never met any of them, but I’ll just turn up and play. I’ve been playing this music for 30 years or so. I think we’ll be OK without a rehearsal.”

Harmonizing the Future: Harry Waters’ Blueprint for the Shows and Beyond

In these upcoming shows, Harry is slated to showcase his musical prowess with renditions of iconic tracks like ‘Time,’ ‘The Great Gig In The Sky,’ and ‘Pigs.’ Collaborating with fellow artists such as Durga McBroom and Scott Page, the performances promise a captivating fusion of talent. Though the prospect of additional collaborations with Brit Floyd remains uncertain, Harry expressed his openness, stating he ‘would be interested’ should the opportunity present itself.

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