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Fat Dog Makes a Comeback with Their Second Single ‘All the Same’

Fat Dog Unleashes Second Single ‘All The Same’ Following their Breakout Year in 2023″

Among the standout bands of 2023, Fat Dog’s rise was nothing short of remarkable. Hailing from The Windmill in Brixton, a venue that seems to churn out left-field sensations, Fat Dog joined the ranks of notable acts like The Last Dinner Party and Picture Parlour, all of whom found their beginnings on the same stage that launched the careers of Fat White Family, Black Midi, and more.

Even before the formal release of a single, Fat Dog made waves on the festival circuit, showcasing the enduring power of word-of-mouth recognition. The debut of ‘King Of The Slugs’ in August came with high expectations, given the band’s buzzworthy reputation. Described by Far Out as possessing “all the frantic, agitated energy of their onstage presence,” the seven-minute sonic journey successfully captured the raw intensity cultivated during their live shows and festival performances.

Now, as they unveil their new single, ‘All The Same,’ the challenge is to meet or surpass the standard set by their debut. With festival season long behind and the music industry slowly awakening after the holiday lull, the timing is against them. However, ‘All The Same’ emerges as the perfect antidote to the post-festive and chilly atmosphere. Unlike the sensory assault of ‘King of The Slugs,’ which served as an introductory crash course to their vibe, the new track is more digestible and effortlessly enjoyable.

Channeling major 1980s club energy, Fat Dog takes a post-punk turn with shades of Depeche Mode or Bauhaus, condensing their sound into a concise three-minute package. ‘All The Same’ not only feels more daring than its predecessor by embracing a pop format but also showcases a polished, catchy, and danceable side of the band. Breaking free from the confines of their reputation as a wild live act, this new track is not only one you’d want to experience live but also on a dancefloor or through your home speakers.

If ‘King Of The Slugs’ aimed to prove they could live up to the hype, ‘All The Same’ serves as a statement that they can outlast it. It exudes a sense of enduring power as the band allows the frenzy to subside a bit, settling into their identity and establishing a lasting recorded legacy.”

<iframe width=”674″ height=”379″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Lw3oXRQ698k” title=”Fat Dog – All The Same (Official Video)” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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