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Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers Holds Disdain for the Celtics Due to a ‘Strange’ Reason

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea recently took to X to express his disdain for the Boston Celtics for an unusual reason following their victory against the Los Angeles Lakers. The bassist shared his reaction to the Celtics’ performance against his beloved Lakers:

“It truly pains me to admit that Boston is the superior team because I despise the Celtics. They outplayed the Lakers, and what’s more infuriating is they did it without flaunting or acting arrogantly. They simply performed at a level far beyond that of your favorite team on the planet and exited the court with grace. Damn, I can’t stand them.”

Response from Fans to Flea’s Remarks

In response to Flea’s post, both Celtics and Lakers fans gathered to share their thoughts on the musician’s remarks about the two teams. One fan, understanding his perspective, commented:

“I respect you, Michael. The Celtics are performing exceptionally well and show true sportsmanship. It’s okay to have a rivalry. I’m not a fan of the Lakers, but I also appreciate your contributions to the world. We can coexist.”

A Celtics supporter expressed their love, saying: “Boston loves you, Flea!” On the Lakers side, another fan sought to reassure the rocker by pointing out:

“This will be a growth year for the Lakers with new and young talent. They demonstrated excellent teamwork during the game, checked their egos, and prioritized the team. There’s a lot for them to reflect on and build upon moving forward.”

Continued Lakers Advocacy from Flea

Flea frequently shares his thoughts on the platform, particularly after Lakers games, showcasing his enduring support for the team as a dedicated fan. In May, following the Lakers’ 108-103 loss to the Denver Nuggets, marking a 0-2 deficit in the Western Conference finals, Flea expressed his disappointment in the team’s performance: “A really tough loss to swallow. Go Lakers. Damn.”

In a recent matchup, the Lakers put up a fight but ultimately fell short, losing 126-115 to the Boston Celtics, currently the top team in the NBA, on Christmas Day. Boston, boasting a 23-6 record, had six players scoring in double figures. Despite Anthony Davis scoring an impressive 40 points, the Lakers, now 16-15, couldn’t recover from a challenging start. LeBron James contributed 16 points, potentially impacted by an earlier collision. You can find all the tweets below.





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