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Florence Pugh Fainted While Getting Her Septum Pierced

Getting pierced is not an easy feat. Even if you’re excited about the new hole, it can hurt and sometimes hurt a lot. But the end result oftentimes is worth the risk, and actor Florence Pugh knows this firsthand. On December 5, she revealed that she got a new septum piercing and that she fainted during the process.

The Capricorn star posted three selfies in an Instagram carousel showcasing the new nose piercing. The first and second pictures feature her with the tiny new silver ring through her septum and a lollipop in her mouth, which she noted in the caption was given to her by fellow actor Zoe Lister-Jones. The third showcases her throwing up a peace sign with the needle straight through her septum cartilage.

In her caption, she wrote, “When you wanna be a cool grown up and get a cool new piercing and you instantly fail, go green and then faint.”

Though the only green we can see in the photo is her eyes and the soft-looking olive sweater she wore, we totally understand that it happens sometimes. We’re glad to see that in the end, she seems to enjoy the new nose piercing, and it looks pretty fire if you ask us.

It seems fairly telling that she got a septum piercing, as several piercers told Allure that nose piercings on both the nostril and through the septum would be immensely popular going into 2022.

Perhaps the news of masks potentially coming off (though that seems more and more unlikely now) spurred folks to get their noses pierced, as the place was off-limits for a while.

But, regardless of why, we gotta admit Pugh’s new piercing is convincing us that maybe we need a new hole too.

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