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Gavin Rossdale Believes Bush Would Struggle with Tool-Inspired Tracks

In a recent interview with 102.1 the Edge, Gavin Rossdale of Bush shared his thoughts on the current state of rock music and its reception in the music industry. Rossdale expressed concerns about the formulaic nature of contemporary rock music, especially on radio, attributing it to homogenization driven by algorithms. He emphasized the challenges of finding distinctive rock voices in today’s landscape.

Rossdale went on to suggest that if Bush were to release longer songs akin to Tool’s style, they might not garner high streaming numbers. He acknowledged the uniqueness of Tool’s approach with extended tracks, expressing admiration for their boldness. However, he recognized the limitations of deviating from the mainstream formula, noting that such lengthy songs might struggle for airplay.

He also touched upon the challenges faced by independent artists, highlighting the diminishing presence of the independent world in the current music industry. Rossdale concluded by referencing a potential new record, hinting at the difficulties artists face in navigating the industry’s constraints.

Rossdale Breaks Down the Present Distinction Between Rock and Pop

Rossdale doesn’t mince words when discussing his opinions on the rock music industry, now perceived as more commercial. In an October 2022 interview with Stereogum, he delved into the perceived lack of inspiration in rock music. Rossdale highlighted the genre’s one-dimensional nature compared to pop music. Despite the shifts in the rock mainstream, he sees Bush’s challenge as remaining interesting to themselves. He explained:

“I see people discussing the lack of inspiration in rock music, and how it can be somewhat homogenized. Rock radio tends to go for a certain sound, while everyone else in the pop world can be more experimental and avant-garde. For us, it’s as simple as trying to stay interesting to ourselves and creating excitement in that way.”

Rossdale Previously Advocated for a More Commercial Approach

Rossdale Reflects on Past Musical Choices and Expresses Regret for Opting for a Raw Sound Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of Bush, has reconsidered the band’s musical choices from the past, expressing regret for embracing a raw sound rather than opting for a more commercial approach. In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Rossdale discussed their second album, ‘Razorblade Suitcase,’ and reflected on the decision to work with Steve Albini, known for his raw and unfiltered recording style. Rossdale admitted that a more commercially-minded and “smarter” decision would have been to collaborate with a polished producer to maintain the momentum from their successful debut album, ‘Sixteen Stone.’ He stated:

“I went straight from having a huge record with Sixteen Stone to going to work with Steve Albini. If I had been more commercially minded, and probably smarter, I would have continued with a more polished producer to continue in that zone. It’s a pretty funny record because it’s just void of any editing. I listen to it now, and I’m like: ‘Get rid of that bit, for fuck’s sake!'” Watch Gavin Rossdale’s full interview with 102.1 the Edge for more insights into his thoughts on Bush’s musical journey.

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