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Geddy Lee Reflects on Performing in LA Without Neil Peart: A Return to the Scene of the Memories

In a recent conversation with Cumulus Podcasts, Geddy Lee opened up about his experience performing at the 2022 Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show, a poignant event following the passing of his Rush bandmate Neil Peart in 2020.

Prior to the LA concert, Lee and Alex Lifeson had graced the stage at a London show dedicated to the memory of the late Foo Fighters drummer. Lee fondly recalled the London event, stating:

“At the Wembley show, I felt a sense of celebration. It was a tribute to Taylor, an opportunity to play beloved songs, and collaborate with new musicians. The atmosphere at that gig was truly enchanting—filled with love. It might sound cliché, but there was an abundance of genuine warmth in that venue.”

He went on to express: “The Wembley performance stands out as the most special gig of my life in that regard. Every artist, even those I didn’t know, gathered for the same purpose. No egos, no competition. It was truly rejuvenating. I rediscovered my love for playing music and being in an environment where every musician cheers for one another.”

The LA Performance Evoked Emotions of Returning to a ‘Scene of Memories

In both London and LA, Dave Grohl joined the duo, stepping in for Rush’s late drummer, whose last performance with them was in 2015. Geddy Lee shared his contrasting emotions regarding the LA show:

“However, when I arrived in LA, the experience was different. There was an unsettling feeling in that venue, and I couldn’t quite pinpoint it until I stepped on stage. It hit me that I was returning to the scene of the crime.”

He further elaborated on how this realization impacted him: “As everything clicked into place, I understood, ‘Okay, this marks the conclusion of this chapter for me.’ The grief has to subside, making room for something else. What fills that void is a combination of remembrance, respect, and homage.”

The Future of Rush: A Return on the Horizon

Following the passing of Neil Peart in 2020, Lifeson and Lee brought Rush’s live performances to a close. However, after the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts, the band’s former vocalist hinted at the possibility of a reunion.

During an interview with The Washington Post, Lee shared a conversation at an after-show party where Paul McCartney praised their performance and encouraged them to contemplate more shows. Lee explained:

“Addressing the elephant in the room—playing those songs again with a third person—had been a taboo subject, and that kind of disappeared. It was reassuring to know that if Alex and I decide to hit the stage, whether as part of a new venture or simply playing Rush as Rush, it’s now a viable option.”

In contrast to Lee’s recent outlook, Alex Lifeson expressed a different perspective in 2021. During an interview with Eddie Trunk of SiriusXM, he stated:

“Rush concluded in 2015. There’s no conceivable way Rush can exist again because Neil’s not here to be a part of it. That’s not to say we can’t pursue other endeavors or engage in activities that benefit our communities and beyond. As of now, the surviving members of Rush have not officially announced a band reunion.

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