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George Lynch Responds to Don Dokken’s Alleged Fabrication About Dokken Lyrics, Dismissing It as Untrue

Title: Unveiling the Truth Behind Dokken’s Hit Songs: George Lynch Sets the Record Straight In a recent episode of the 80’s Glam Metalcast, former Dokken guitarist George Lynch took the opportunity to debunk Don Dokken’s claim of being the primary songwriter for the majority of their career-defining hits. Lynch candidly dismissed Don’s assertions, labeling them as ‘bullshit’ and shedding light on the actual creative forces behind the band’s success.

Lynch, along with Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown, were revealed by the guitarist to be the primary architects behind Dokken’s chart-topping hits. Despite Don Dokken’s repeated insistence that he wrote the lion’s share of their material, Lynch contested this narrative:

“Jeff, Mick, and I wrote almost everything. There was a point where the manager… This is always a thing with Don. He goes off about how he wrote everything. That’s bullshit. Jeff and I, and Don and Jeff wrote some things, and Don wrote a thing, something on his own here and there, and important songs, but the bulk of the material was written by Jeff and I, and that’s just the truth.”

Injecting humor into the revelation, Lynch playfully claimed to draw inspiration for his lyrics from an unconventional source: “And even the lyrics and the melodies and the titles were… Jeff and I joke all the time. There was a thing called the TV Guide, and I would get all my titles, and the lyrics, obviously, flowed from the titles, from TV Guide.”

Lynch clarified the dynamics of their collaboration and emphasized that Don Dokken’s success was not solely attributable to his songwriting contributions:

“So you look and see a lot of those early records, they were either reworked Xciter [George’s pre-Dokken band] songs or new stuff that Jeff and I wrote — sometimes with Mick’s help — and then we’d end up with Don too; we’d collaborate with Don at the end of the process. But for 90 percent of the material, that was the case. And these titles were out of the TV Guide — they were movies.”

This candid revelation from George Lynch provides fans with a fresh perspective on the true creative forces driving Dokken’s success, challenging the widely accepted narrative surrounding Don Dokken’s songwriting contributions.

Unraveling the Myth: Dokken’s Allegations of Top Hit Songwriting

Title: Dueling Perspectives: The Songwriting Saga of Dokken’s Hit Hits In the ongoing saga of Dokken’s songwriting claims, tensions rise as both George Lynch and Don Dokken present conflicting narratives about their creative contributions. Lynch insists that Don’s songwriting role was minimal compared to the rest of the band, while Don Dokken vehemently asserts a different version of the story.

In a separate interview countering Lynch’s statements, the frontman claimed a significant 75 percent authorship of their hit songs, leaving the remaining 25 percent to be divided among the other members. However, he didn’t shy away from revealing the financial toll this decision took:

“[…] I wrote a lot of the hits, and I gave up 75 percent to the three of them. So instead of me getting four bucks, I got a dollar, and Mick got a dollar, and George got a dollar, and Jeff got a dollar, and the management took theirs, and the accountants took theirs, and I thought, ‘Jesus.’ I go, ‘I lost millions’ writing ‘In My Dreams’ and ‘Just Got Lucky’ or ‘Alone Again.’ I mean, I can name a bazillion songs that I wrote by myself on the guitar and wrote all the music.”

This revelation not only challenges Lynch’s claims but also sheds light on the complex financial dynamics within the band, with Don Dokken facing substantial losses despite his perceived dominance in the songwriting process. The contrasting narratives continue to fuel intrigue among fans, leaving them to ponder the true story behind Dokken’s iconic hits.

Navigating the Songwriting Score: Unraveling the Claims of a Dokken Member’s Contribution

Title: Dokken’s Journey: The Unlikely Path to Success Founded in 1976, Dokken’s ascent to musical stardom wasn’t an overnight phenomenon. The recognition of their now-popular songs was a gradual process, especially in the early years when the band operated in relative obscurity. Despite initial plans to evenly distribute earnings among band members, the dynamics of rehearsals and recording sessions revealed an interesting twist.

What adds a layer of intrigue is the swift success of one particular bandmate, even as the lead singer claimed he ‘did not write’ much: “Mick’s the one that scored. He didn’t write. We rehearsed the songs for a week, went into a rehearsal studio, fleshed it all out, picked the 12 best songs, Mick comes into the studio for four or five days, knocks out his drums, and he goes to the drug dealer, and then he heads off for the Rainbow [Bar & Grill in West Hollywood]. I said, ‘Mick, you scored. You made millions of dollars, and all you had to do was spend a couple of weeks playing drums.'” The interview below provides a closer look at this intriguing revelation, shedding light on the unexpected turns and individual paths within Dokken’s journey to success.

<iframe width=”768″ height=”658″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/L2FArzlJB0s” title=”80’s Glam Metalcast – Ep 172 – George Lynch (Lynch Mob/ex Dokken)” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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