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How about this: “Chris Jericho’s Curious Question to Axl Rose: Judas Priest vs. Iron Maiden – Who Reigns Supreme?”

In the latest episode of Chris Jericho’s podcast, ‘Talk Is Jericho,’ Chris and Eddie Trunk reminisced about a memorable night out with Axl Rose. Jericho shared that they kicked off the conversation by posing a pivotal question to Rose: Judas Priest or Iron Maiden? Rose’s preference was for Judas Priest, but he went on to disclose his favorite album between the two legendary bands. Jericho described the scene:

“I remember one of the questions we asked right away was, ‘All right Axl, great to have you here. Here’s your first question: Judas Priest or Iron Maiden?’ And once we gave him that, the ice broke, and there were just a bunch of nerds talking about heavy metal. He said, ‘Priest.’ He liked Priest better, but I think he said ‘Killers’ (Iron Maiden album) was his favorite album out of all of them, something along those lines.

Like, Maiden won the actual album, but Priest overall was his favorite.”During the podcast, the trio delved into a deep conversation about heavy metal that night, and Eddie Trunk unveiled the band that Axl Rose repeatedly brought up:

“He kept bringing up Nazareth to me. Because he said what a fan he was of Dan McCafferty’s voice. Dan McCafferty passed away recently, yeah. But if you, if anybody, ever listens to Nazareth and you listen to Axl, you will hear a lot of that influence on Axl’s voice.”

Axl Rose Honors the Late Dan McCafferty

Eddie Trunk recognizes Dan McCafferty as a significant influence on Axl Rose’s singing, a sentiment that holds true as Axl openly expresses his admiration for Nazareth and McCafferty. In fact, during a concert in 1988, Axl Rose declared that he owes his singing career to Dan McCafferty and Nazareth. The influence is further evident in Guns N’ Roses’ 1993 album ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’ where they covered Nazareth’s “Hair Of The Dog.” The impact of Dan McCafferty’s passing in 2022 was deeply felt by Axl Rose.

Approximately two weeks after McCafferty’s death, Axl took to Twitter to pay his respects, expressing that Dan’s voice will always hold a special place in his heart. His condolence message read:

“Haven’t addressed this… been a tough pill to swallow. Very, very sad to learn of the passing of Dan McCafferty of Nazareth. I learned a day or so after rt b4 r show. Was in a bit of a surreal headspace on stage for several songs. Went on a Nazareth binge for a few days. Thanks Dan n’ all of Nazareth for all the music over the years. Their music n’ Dan’s voice will always have a special place in my heart. Rest in peace Dan.”

Since Dan’s departure from Nazareth in 2013 due to health concerns, the band has continued with Carl Sentance on vocals. For more insights, check out the complete podcast featuring Eddie Trunk and Chris Jericho discussing their night with Axl Rose.

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