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Ian Paice Reflects on Deep Purple’s Retirement: Embracing Realism

In a recent Zoom conversation, Ian Paice discussed the future of Deep Purple and addressed the inevitable question of retirement for the band’s aging members. When questioned about the potential timeline for retiring from live performances, the drummer responded:

“We’ve never set a definitive date to call it quits. We’re realists. The guys are getting older, and there may come a point where one or two of us decide it’s time to step back, or it becomes physically challenging. But we don’t dwell on that. We’re still having a blast. Many people still appreciate what we bring, and as long as those two elements align, we’ll keep going.”

The Unforeseeable Last Bow

Paice elaborated on his thoughts about how Deep Purple might conclude their touring days: “I don’t believe we’ll ever have a clear picture of what the last gig or last tour will be. It will likely catch us off guard. Unless there’s a concrete plan, which there isn’t, for a final farewell, I think we’ll just announce, ‘Sorry, guys. We’re done. It’s been fantastic.'”

Regarding the prospect of creating more music even after retiring from touring, the musician added: “Even if we stop touring, there’s no reason why we couldn’t continue making records. That’s the simplest part. All you need are the ideas, which is the toughest part. But physically creating a record is a straightforward process.”

Don Airey Contemplates Retirement’s Horizon

Don Airey’s Reflections on the Band’s Final Tour In a 2022 interview with Rolling Stone, Don Airey, a fellow member of Deep Purple, echoed similar sentiments about the band’s potential last tour. Discussing his retirement plans within the band, the keyboardist explained:

“The words of T.S. Eliot come to mind: ‘This is the way the band ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.’ I believe we won’t recognize the last gig when it happens. There won’t be any indication that this particular performance is the final one. That’s how it’ll conclude—no grand scenario. I resonate with what Buddy Guy said: ‘Musicians don’t retire. They drop.'”

Airey also shared that, despite occasionally envisioning a serene life, playing music and touring are ingrained in him like an addiction. The drive to continue persists, and he hopes to carry on for a considerable time. Watch the full interview with Paice below.

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