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Is The Killers’ ‘Hot Fuss’ 20th Anniversary Tour in the Works for 2024?

The Killers just released their ultimate hits collection, Rebel Diamonds, and lead singer Brandon Flowers is dropping hints about something thrilling: special shows to mark the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut album, Hot Fuss, scheduled for next year.

In a recent conversation with Zane Lowe on his Apple Radio podcast, Flowers confidently declared, “I’ve got 20 more [years]” as the age of Hot Fuss came up. The album, launched in June 2004, includes chart-toppers like “All These Things I’ve Done,” “Somebody Told Me,” and the timeless “Mr. Brightside.

When questioned about the band’s future musical endeavors, Flowers disclosed, “We are contemplating some anniversary shows, which I wish I could reveal more about, so we will figure something out there.” During the interview, Lowe seemed to have cracked the code, exclaiming, “Oh, they’re here! I won’t spill the beans. They are small! Yo, one of those is tiny. Dude. Bro, I might have to come out for that.”

Reportedly, the anniversary shows will be intimate affairs, providing the band with opportunities to connect with their most devoted fans from the very beginning. The Killers’ recent album showcased a new track, “Spirit,” appropriately placed as the 20th on the track list. Twenty years of The Killers, 19 of their greatest hits, concluding with something new, as if to hint that there’s more to come.

Beyond the prospect of Hot Fuss-focused shows, The Killers are set to embark on a U.K. and Ireland tour in support of Rebel Diamonds. Flowers also touched upon the potential of the band securing a residency at the Las Vegas Sphere.

“I was fortunate enough to see U2 at the Sphere,” Flowers shared in a recent conversation with The Guardian. He continued, “Absolutely, we would be open to doing something like that. It would be a significant undertaking, but it would be a blast.” Fans can anticipate a lot from The Killers next year as they commemorate significant album and career milestones.

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