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Jake Kiszka Reveals Eye-Opening Perspectives on How the Public Perceives Greta Van Fleet

In a recent interview with Total Guitar, Jake Kiszka, the guitarist for Greta Van Fleet, shed light on the evolving public perception of the band. Despite initial comments likening them to other bands, the rockers eventually gained admiration. Kiszka emphasized during the interview that such remarks would not sway them to alter their sound or approach:

“I believe there has been a cultural shift in how journalists approach our work. A key factor is our unwavering commitment. We stuck to our artistic guns, and we were determined to pursue our own path regardless. We won’t change our approach based on a few fleeting and fragile words.”

This Defines Our Identity

The band faced accusations of being Led Zeppelin imitators, with critiques targeting their attire, appearances, and musical style. However, the persistent resemblance comments didn’t deter them, and they acknowledge that over time, audiences have come to appreciate their unique identity. In the same interview, Kiszka delved into the substance of their work, noting the growing recognition of their potential:

“People have come to realize that we’re here to stay, and this is our authentic identity. Now, there’s an invitation for a second look, an opportunity to delve into the depth of what we, as a group, are contributing to our generation and the realm of rock ‘n’ roll music.”

Greta Van Fleet’s Connection to Led Zeppelin

Despite frequent comparisons to ‘Led Zeppelin wannabes,’ the band members have a surprising musical background. Contrary to popular assumptions, they didn’t grow up immersed in rock music. In fact, Led Zeppelin wasn’t on their playlist during their formative years. Instead, they gravitated towards genres like classical, folk, and blues, showcasing a diverse musical influence beyond the realm of rock.

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