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Jeff Pilson Discusses Foreigner’s Farewell: “We Want to Have a Life”

Foreigner Nears the End of Farewell Tour: Jeff Pilson Discusses the Decision As Foreigner approaches the final stretch of its two-year farewell tour, bassist Jeff Pilson sheds light on the reasons behind this significant decision. In a recent interview with Raul Amador of Bass Musician Magazine, Pilson emphasizes the band’s longing for a change in lifestyle.

Pilson candidly discusses the toll constant traveling has taken on the band members’ lives and why now is the opportune moment for Foreigner to bid farewell to the music scene:

“It’s traveling. It’s family. It’s all that stuff combined. We’re not that young, so there is all that. And basically, we wanna have a life; it would be nice to have more of a life. I mean, my daughter is in college now. I’ve missed a lot of stuff with her, and so I wouldn’t mind going home and spending a little more time in my studio ’cause, boy, do I love to record in my studio.”

Pilson’s Insights on the Farewell Tour

Foreigner’s Farewell Tour: Closing a Chapter The farewell tour, commencing in 2023, is reaching its conclusion in 2024 with a series of shows, including a collaboration with fellow rockers Styx. The tour culminates in a residency titled ‘Feels Like The Last Time Farewell Tour’ at The Venetian Theatre in Las Vegas, symbolizing the end of an era marked by extensive touring for the band. The decision to conclude this chapter stems from the members’ desire to allocate more time to personal pursuits and family.

In the same interview, bassist Jeff Pilson addressed the question of Foreigner’s future in music post-tour: “There may be something going on in ’25; we just haven’t heard yet. But what I will tell you is that the end of ’24 will be the end of our long tours. That’s really what we mean by this farewell tour. We’re not gonna do the long tours anymore. No more nine months of the year on the road. That will end at the show in Vegas. There may be some other things happening in ’25. We’ll see. It’s all kind of to be determined, but the gist of it is that we don’t want to do those long tours anymore, and that’s what’s going by the wayside.”

Insights into Foreigner’s Farewell Performances

Current Foreigner Lineup and Future Possibilities The existing Foreigner lineup, featuring founding member Mick Jones, keyboardist Michael Bluestein, guitarists Bruce Watson and Luis Maldonado, and drummer Chris Frazier alongside Pilson and Hansen, is set for the final leg of their farewell tour in 2024.

While bidding farewell to extensive touring, Pilson hinted at the prospect of the band continuing to perform on a more intimate scale post-2024. He clarified that it doesn’t signify a complete retirement, leaving room for potential shows at special events. The specifics of these potential performances, however, remain undecided.

For details on the farewell tour’s last shows and to secure tickets, fans can visit Foreigner’s official website. Catch the full interview with Jeff Pilson and Raul Amador below.

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