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Jessica Ulrich Shares Heartfelt Message on Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich’s Birthday

Lars Ulrich celebrated his 60th birthday on Tuesday, December 26, and in honor of the occasion, his wife, Jessica Miller, shared a photo of them taken by Anton Corbijn for Museum Voorlinden on Instagram.

In the caption, acknowledging the recent passing of the drummer’s father, Torben Ulrich, Miller wrote: “It’s not easy to put into words the emotions surrounding this particular birthday of the one I get to share all the devious and delicious detours of life with.” Reflecting on their eight-year marriage, she continued:

“I just can’t imagine getting to ride this sweet roller coaster with anyone else but you. I cherish all your strengths that reach deep down into my soul and tear down any barriers that hold me back from being my brightest. I’m quite simply addicted to your pheromones, and no words could ever put meaning to the ultimate blessing that I feel is this love of ours. And we’re only getting started.”

Celebrating Lars Ulrich’s Birthday Amidst the Recent Loss of His Father

Ulrich’s 95-year-old father passed away on December 20, just a week before his son’s birthday. The drummer bid farewell to the multifaceted Torben Ulrich, a professional tennis player, filmmaker, and musician, with a heartfelt message on Instagram. He shared:

“Torben Ulrich: 1928-2023. 95 years of adventures, unique experiences, curiosity, pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, tennis, music, art, writing… and quite a bit of Danish contrarian attitude. Thank you endlessly! I love you, Dad.”

Torben excelled in tennis from the 1940s to the 1980s, winning the Stuttgart Open in 1953. His musical journey included playing the clarinet in a New Orleans-inspired jazz band during the 1950s and joining a group with Lori Goldston in the early 2000s.

Following Lars Ulrich’s tribute, several industry figures joined in paying their respects in the comments section of the drummer’s post.

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