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Joey Tempest Reveals Europe’s Inspirations: Drawing from Iron Maiden and Def Leppard as Role Models

In a recent interview with BBC Radio Manchester, Joey Tempest, the frontman of Europe, delved into the profound impact British rock and metal music had on his band, highlighting a specific metal group that served as a major influence.

While recognizing the distinctiveness between Europe and their influential counterparts, Tempest acknowledged the significant role the British rockers played in shaping their musical journey. The lead singer disclosed the name of the influential band:

“I must emphasize that Iron Maiden, despite potential differences in our music, was incredibly influential. We’re talking about the early ’80s, and they were making waves.”

Def Leppard’s Influence on Europe: A Shared Source of Inspiration

While Iron Maiden stood out as the primary inspiration for the band, Joey Tempest revealed that another influential name left its mark. Continuing in the same interview, Tempest shared:

“Def Leppard was making waves too, but Iron Maiden was leading the charge. We immersed ourselves in their albums, even though our music didn’t mirror theirs precisely. However, they were pivotal. They embodied the attitude, the melodies, and the sheer determination, and we resonated with that.”

In an earlier segment of the interview, Tempest underscored the profound impact of Deep Purple on Europe’s musical identity, crediting them as a crucial element in shaping the band’s artistic perspective:

“While we had Swedish bands around, we gravitated towards English lyrics and English musicians. Deep Purple’s early work left a lasting impression on us—the fusion of jazz, blues, and hard rock. What I find intriguing about hard rock originating from the British Isles or even Ireland is the classical influence; there were classical pieces woven into the fabric.”

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