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John Taylor of Duran Duran Names Doja Cat’s ‘Paint The Town Red’ as the Best Song of 2023

In his Duran Duran Year End 2023 post on the band’s official website, John Taylor shared his reflections and highlights from the past year. Singling out Doja Cat’s ‘Paint The Town Red’ as the standout track of 2023, Taylor praised the song’s clever incorporation of a sample from ‘Walk on By,’ lauding its seamless integration into the composition. Additionally, he gave a nod to Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia,’ describing it as a masterpiece marked by thoughtful craftsmanship, broad scope, and a substantial investment. Taylor remarked:

“For me, the song of the year was Doja Cat’s ‘Paint the Town Red,’ which cleverly uses the lick from ‘Walk on By.’ The sample is particularly enriching, and Doja’s contribution to it truly resonates. Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’ stands out as a bit of a masterpiece. It’s a meticulously crafted, expansive, and high-budget creation. While it may cater more to hip hop enthusiasts, I believe he made a significant statement with it.”

John Taylor Acknowledges Kanye West’s Dominance in the 2000s Music Scene

Despite his age, John Taylor stays in tune with and appreciates contemporary music styles and artists. Demonstrating their adaptability as a band, Duran Duran showcased their engagement with modern music on their latest album ‘DANSE MACABRE,’ featuring a collaboration with Måneskin’s Victoria De Angelis and a cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘bury a friend.’

In 2015, John Taylor continued to demonstrate his connection to popular music. In a statement reported by The Standard, the Duran Duran member expressed his admiration for Kanye West’s impactful presence in the music industry, particularly during the 2000s. Taylor remarked:

“Kanye is the only guy out there that says anything with his style. He’s a very interesting artist. I think he’s owned the last decade really.” However, Taylor also had some critical reflections on this period that he believed Kanye West dominated.

Taylor Attributes the Rise of Collaborations in Music to EDM and Hip-Hop

Even though John Taylor keeps up with more contemporary and popular music, he believes that bands exhibit more self-sufficiency compared to individual musicians relying on featured artists. He observes a shift in music consumption culture, where listeners increasingly crave variety and find it challenging to engage with an hour of music from a single vocalist.

In 2015, Taylor also discussed prevailing trends in the music industry. He attributed the prevalence of featured songs on the charts to the impact of EDM and hip-hop music, stating:

“Sometimes you look at the charts and think, ‘Oh my God, they’re all features.’ That’s what EDM and hip-hop have brought about. Bands are self-contained cults; they don’t need anybody, just electricity. But I sensed a shift in culture—nobody can listen to an hour of music with one singer anymore; they crave variety.”

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