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Josh Abbott Band Unveils Anticipated Album ‘Somewhere Down the Road’ Alongside New Single “She’ll Always Be”

Title: Josh Abbott Band Rings in the New Year with Announcement of Seventh Album ‘Somewhere Down the Road’ and Debut Single “She’ll Always Be”

The Josh Abbott Band is welcoming the New Year with a musical bang, introducing fans to their latest endeavor. On January 8, the band revealed the upcoming release of their seventh studio album, “Somewhere Down the Road.” This album marks a shift for the band, moving from crafting songs for the radio to exploring more personal and experimental tracks. Notably, it also signifies the band’s debut with its newly revamped lineup. Fans can get a taste of the new direction with the release of the first single, “She’ll Always Be,” available for listening below.

‘Somewhere Down the Road’ is set to hit record store shelves and streaming platforms on January 26, offering fans a fresh collection of tracks just weeks away. Interestingly, Abbott shared on Twitter that the band has kept the album under wraps for about a year, expressing his excitement: “It’s wild that we finally release our new album in just 3 weeks. Been waiting since we recorded it last January.” Get ready for a musical journey as the Josh Abbott Band unveils their latest creation to the world.

The journey into “Somewhere Down the Road” marked a notable shift for The Josh Abbott Band, as they entered the project as an eight-piece ensemble. The current lineup showcases familiar faces, including longstanding members Abbot (vocals), Eddie Villanueva (drums), Jimmy Hartman (bass), David Fralin (keys), and Austin Davis (banjo). Joining the seasoned crew are new members Cale Richardson (guitar), Kris Farrow (guitar), and Adam Hill (fiddle), bringing fresh energy and talent to the band’s musical tapestry.

Insights from Josh Abbott on the Band’s Forthcoming Album

Title: Josh Abbott Opens Up About the Inspirations Behind ‘Somewhere Down the Road’ In a recent press release, Josh Abbott shared insights into the creative process behind the upcoming album, “Somewhere Down the Road.” Reflecting on his evolution as a songwriter, Abbott expressed a shift from crafting radio-friendly three-minute songs to pouring his heart into more personal compositions.

He elaborated, stating, “For a long time, I wanted to write hooky three-minute songs that would sound good on the radio. Now, I’m writing from the heart more than I ever have.” The lead single, “She’ll Always Be,” serves as a poignant testament to this heartfelt approach, dedicated to his six-year-old daughter.

Abbott delved into the album’s genesis, emphasizing a return to his authentic songwriting self and a cathartic process of addressing past demons: “This record came from getting back to who I really am as a songwriter, and there was a lot of exorcizing some of the demons from my past.”

Interestingly, the band’s commitment to artistic authenticity led them to scrap an entire album before recording “Somewhere Down the Road.” Abbott reflected on this decision, stating, “The more I listened to that other record, the more it sounded like a sequel to the last album rather than a representation of where we’re at now.” This deliberate choice highlights the band’s dedication to presenting a true reflection of their current musical journey.

Somewhere Down the Road Tracklist

  1. “Astronaut (Intro)”—(Josh Abborr, Dwight A. Baker)
  2. “Astronaut” (Erik Dylan, Randy Montana, Driver Williams)
  3. “The Sale” (Abbott)
  4. “What Were You Thinking” (Abbott)
  5. “Guilt of a Man” (Abbott)
  6. “She’ll Always Be” (Abbott, Neil Medley, Grant Gilbert)
  7. “Somewhere Down the Road” (Abbott, Jon Randall)
  8. “Back to Normal” (Abbott)
  9. “Closer to You” (Dylan, Doug Waterman)
  10. “Unplug the Jug” (Ryan Beaver, Joe Clemmons, Medley)
  11. “Barstool Boys” (Abbott, Dylan, Josh Kiser)
  12. “Brutus, Judas, and You” (Abbott, Dylan, Brett Sheroky)
<iframe width=”662″ height=”372″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/9rvhvWtDrLE” title=”Josh Abbott Band – She&#39;ll Always Be (Official Audio)” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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