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Josh Homme Shares Sir Elton John’s Playful Remark Amid Glastonbury Clash: “Oh My God”

In the earlier part of this year, Queens of the Stone Age graced the legendary Glastonbury festival. Coincidentally, the band’s performance on the Other Stage overlapped with Elton John’s set on the main Pyramid Stage. In a recent interview, frontman Josh Homme shared the light-hearted banter Sir Elton tossed his way just before they hit the stage. Homme recently chatted with NME, delving into the experiences of the past few years. Within that discussion, he shared insights about their memorable performance at Glastonbury.

“Glastonbury is always a unique experience, especially for us in the last few instances because they consistently assign us the challenging slot,” Homme remarked. He highlighted their simultaneous performances with Elton John this year and Beyoncé in 2011, describing them as demanding yet immensely enjoyable gigs. “They were both tough gigs that were really fun, but tough because you don’t know when you walk out if anyone is going to be there. Quickly, all that stuff just fades away and you have a good time,” he added. “It’s Glasto at the end of the day, and people are just there to participate. Escapism is really what we’re after.”

Later, Homme shared the behind-the-scenes moment with the “Rocket Man” singer. “He gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek and said, ‘Enjoy playing to all three people,’ which I thought was amazing,” he reminisced. “I laughed, but when we walked out I thought, ‘Oh my god.’ There were a lot of people, but normally there would probably be a lot more. It was an interesting thing to walk out to at first.” Reflecting on John’s comment, he remarked, “That was some accurate sh-t right there. That was a good prediction.”

Josh Homme on Making New Music

Queens of the Stone Age dropped “In Times New Roman…” in June, marking their first album since the release of “Villains” in 2017. When questioned by NME about the possibility of waiting six years before the next album, Homme expressed his perspective.

“I think we should be making something,” Homme stated. “The mantra of the last five years was, ‘It won’t be long now!’ That needs to pertain to making things, too. I certainly think we should make more, faster-er, better-er,” he added.

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