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Just in: Mark Zuckerberg bans Elon Musk from Facebook, Elon responds

In a surprising move, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he will be banning Tesla CEO Elon Musk from the social media platform, citing Musk’s “unpredictable behavior” and “tendency to cause chaos.”

The decision comes after a series of bizarre tweets from Musk, which included accusations of Facebook’s role in the spread of misinformation and calls for the platform to be regulated.

In response, Musk took to Twitter (which he has not been banned from… yet) to mock Zuckerberg’s decision, stating, “Who needs Facebook anyway? Instagram is way cooler and Twitter rocks my socks!”

Musk went on to suggest that Facebook was threatened by Tesla’s growing influence in the tech industry, adding, “Maybe Mark is just jealous that we’re building cars and rockets while he’s still trying to figure out how to keep his platform from being a haven for fake news and trolls.”

The ban has sparked controversy among social media users, with many questioning the implications of a powerful CEO like Zuckerberg having the ability to silence voices that he deems “disruptive.”

As for Musk, it seems that he is taking the ban in stride, focusing his attention on his other ventures and continuing to share his unfiltered opinions with his millions of followers on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Satire, not real news.

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