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Kiko Loureiro Recommends Marty Friedman as His Successor in Megadeth

In the latter part of 2023, Kiko Loureiro made the decision to part ways with Megadeth, citing family matters as the driving force behind his departure. Following his exit, the band selected Teemu Mäntysaari to step into the role of guitarist for their scheduled concerts in 2024. However, in a recent revelation to Guitar World, Loureiro disclosed that his initial preference for his replacement was none other than Marty Friedman.

“I actually suggested to the management and Dave that bringing Marty Friedman back would be amazing. I’m not sure if they’re considering it or in talks with him, but I did put that idea forward. However, beyond that, I have no additional information, and I don’t want to complicate things further.”

The Latest Formation of Megadeth

Friedman made a brief return to Megadeth for a special show in Tokyo, marking his first performance with the band in 23 years. While this sparked speculation about a permanent reunion, Dave Mustaine later confirmed that they would proceed with the 36-year-old guitarist from Wintersun.

In his update on Megadeth’s 2024 lineup, Mustaine stated, “Our discussions with Kiko have been consistently positive. Due to our extensive touring schedule next year, Kiko will be on an extended leave of absence. Moving ahead, we will continue with Teemu Mäntysaari as the guitarist for Megadeth.”

Mustaine’s Remorse Over Friedman’s Exit

In 2000, Marty Friedman parted ways with the band due to managerial miscommunication regarding the re-recording of a guitar solo in ‘Breadline’ from the ‘Risk’ album. Mustaine expressed regret over the incident just before their reunion show in Tokyo, telling Guitar World:

“What happened to Marty was definitely not okay. Our management was supposed to tell him, and for whatever reason, they didn’t do it. I think that was a terrible thing to do to him.”

While the uncertainty looms over future collaborations between Friedman and Megadeth, the band is gearing up to kick off their 2024 tour with their new guitarist, Teemu Mäntysaari.

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