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Kirk Hammett’s ‘Laid-Back’ Style Allegedly Contributes to the Decline of Guitar Solos, According to Angel Vivaldi

Around two weeks ago, Angel Vivaldi expressed his disagreement with Kirk Hammett’s statement on Facebook, where Hammett suggested that guitar solos in rock and metal songs might not resonate with non-musicians. In a recent update, Vivaldi shared a screenshot of his previous comment and elaborated on it, stating:

“I owe a lot to Kirk, and I have the utmost respect for him. However, the moment someone adopts this mindset, claiming ‘there’s no good or memorable music these days,’ it essentially screams, ‘I’m closed-minded and don’t explore new music to genuinely evaluate it’ to the world. Passing judgment on the entire spectrum of modern music without actively seeking and listening to new songs is a limiting perspective, and very few at that age genuinely discover and appreciate the music they dismiss.”

Hammett’s Approach Criticized for Diminishing the Significance of Guitar Solos

In his post, Vivaldi also hinted that Hammett bore a share of the blame for the diminishing popularity of guitar solos in music: “Kirk himself carried a torch of responsibility in turning non-musicians into guitar shredders, myself included. He, in a way, contributed to the decline of guitar solos! Despite having arguably the largest platform to inspire more guitarists, he chose a ‘raw, improvisational approach’ (which, in my humble opinion, he lacks the skill set to execute) on ’72 Seasons’ and countless instances before that, causing his influence to burn dimly, if at all.”

Referring to Hammett’s struggle to maintain guitar solos in ‘St. Anger’ against his bandmates’ wishes, he continued: “There was a period during the ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ era where he advocated for the importance of solos. Perhaps, because none of his solos resonated as they did in the past, it might have contributed to further diminishing his belief in their importance. It’s purely speculative on my part.”

Controversial Perspectives of the Metallica Member

In Interviews for the documentary film ‘Some Kind Of Monster,’ Kirk Hammett expressed his frustration with his bandmates’ decision to remove his guitar solos from records. However, his remarks on rock solos during a conversation with Guitar World were as follows:

“I hate to say it for all your readers out there, but non-musicians, who are the majority of the fucking listening world, they are not going to remember guitar solos.” Responding to Metal Injection’s Facebook post sharing the interview, Vivaldi commented:

“Couldn’t be further from the truth. If the solo is written by a songwriter and not a lazy guitarist relying on muscle memory, your solo will stay with people forever.”

Angel Vivaldi Wasn’t the Sole Dissenter

The guitarist’s critique came on the heels of another post by Tracii Guns in early December. Taking issue with Hammett’s stance, Guns posted on X:

“That’s a really odd thing to say, Kirk Hammett. Solos are like string poems. If the solos aren’t memorable, then they’re rubbish.” He then shared a guitar solo from Neal Schon and added: “Someone said non-musicians don’t remember guitar solos. I say Fooey. I’m sure arenas full of people can sing this complete Neal Schon guitar solo.”

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