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Liam Gallagher Addresses Criticism Surrounding His Latest Project

In a series of posts on X, Liam Gallagher confronted the criticism surrounding his recent collaboration with former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire.

Gallagher and Squire recently released their debut track, ‘Just Another Rainbow,’ from their upcoming album. Liam shared the news with a post, stating: “Yes, my lions and lionelmessis, ‘Just Another Rainbow’ is out now. Turn it up, LG, x.

Responses to Gallagher’s Latest Track

In response to the criticism received by his latest song, a supportive comment on Liam Gallagher’s post read: “Liam Gallagher, you and your song don’t deserve all this hate. You’re literally a god, and all your music is fantastic. The new song is so good; your voice sounds fantastic. I love you. I will love you forever. Thanks for blessing us with your voice and music.”

Liam replied with a prediction for the project: “Hate will soon turn to love. It always does. LG, x.” Another user acknowledged the negative feedback, stating, “Seen a lot of hate on the new song. I think it’s bloody brilliant.” Liam empathized, saying, “They are just trying to be cool. I’m like that; sometimes I write sh*t thinking it makes me cool.”

A curious user inquired if Liam believed Noel Gallagher might feel envious or resentful towards John Squire for collaborating with him. Liam responded confidently, “He’ll be jealous of me.”

Arranging Live Shows

In a recent conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Liam Gallagher shared plans for upcoming live performances with his partner. The rock artist mentioned:

“We’ve got a bass player, we’ve got a drummer, we’ve got a keyboard player on hold, and that if we need it. We’re going to try and tackle it without a keyboard player [or] piano player and give it a bit of bollocks, mate. A bit of rawness to it, but if it needs it, it needs it. But yeah, we’re going out on tour. We’re going to go and do some gigs, see what happens, and try to inspire people and make people happy. That’s it, really. And then do another one.”

In a humorous twist, Noel also commented on his brother and Squire’s new album, particularly regarding live performances of Oasis songs. Noel joked on a podcast that if they tour, John might need to simplify his guitar style to play Oasis’s music, eliciting a strong response from Liam. Check out all the tweets below for more details.


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