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Marina Abramović’s Essential Eight Songs

Marina Abramović: Exploring the Contradictions Through Eight Essential Songs Marina Abramović’s life is marked by a consistent theme of survival, expressed both in her art and personal experiences. From feminist commentary in performances like the infamous Rhythm 0 to a recent three-month solitary retreat in a forest for personal growth, Abramović continually engages with the challenge of survival.

In her journey, Abramović emphasizes the need to dismantle the ego, viewing it as a significant obstacle to creative work. Known for her collaborations with music icons such as Lady Gaga and Jay-Z, Abramović uses music as a means to connect with herself and find inspiration.

During a feature on Desert Island Discs, Abramović delved into the eight songs that have accompanied her throughout her artistic career. This eclectic playlist spans 1940s pop, R&B, and classical music, reflecting the diverse and parallel nature of Abramović’s life and work. Addressing her reputation as a provocative artist, she highlighted the contradiction between her public and private personas, exposing vulnerability and challenging perceptions.

The inclusion of Wolfgang Mozart in her musical selection holds personal significance, revealing her early career comparison to the composer and hinting at the ego she would later confront: “I had my first show at 12 years old – I was very jealous of Mozart because he started at seven.”

In Abramović’s later shows, music and her own voice became integral to art pieces like Freeing the Body and Freeing the Voice. Beyond classical tracks, her song choices reflect the vastness of her artistic style. Notably, she addressed contradictions arising from her collaboration with Jay-Z in 2013’s ‘Picasso Baby’ video, where her stance against commercialism clashed with her role as a pop music accessory. She dismissed it as a “side-effect of success” detached from her core message. Now venturing into the skincare industry, Abramović continues to defy expectations, ensuring her artistic journey remains as unpredictable as ever.

Marina Abramović’s favourite songs:

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