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Matty Healy of The 1975 Teases a Cryptic Message, Hinting at a Potential New Album

Matty Healy from The 1975 recently dropped hints about a potential upcoming album through a mysterious message on his Instagram stories. On December 27, the singer posted a meme on his Instagram stories featuring the text: ‘I am going to create an album that is so good.’ Accompanying the meme, he added a comment expressing his confidence: “I’m feeling it.”

The nature of Healy’s upcoming project remains uncertain, whether it’s a solo endeavor or new material from The 1975. Nevertheless, the rocker shared glimpses of his creative process, including images of track ideas and demos in progress, labeled with intriguing names like ‘lpf1,’ ‘Send to Ben for animation,’ and ‘wonderviewwonderwho.’

Exploring The 1975’s Future Touring Endeavors

In August 2023, The 1975 took the stage as the headliners at the Reading and Leeds Festivals for the third time, marking a decade since the release of their debut album. Following this milestone, the band embarked on their fifth and most extensive North American tour, commencing in September 2023. During the inaugural performance in Sacramento, Healy announced that the band would be taking a hiatus from touring. Yet, for keen observers, this break could very well hint at their intention to channel their energies into recording a new album.

Healy’s Stirring Controversies: Unraveling Intriguing Moments

In recent developments, Healy found himself embroiled in controversy after sharing a kiss with his bandmate during a performance, leading to the cancellation of a festival in Malaysia. However, the country has since opted not to impose a ban on future concerts based solely on this isolated incident. Deputy Minister Teo Nie Ching defended the decision, emphasizing the unfairness of penalizing the entire music industry for the actions of one among 296 artists, stating:

“Just because of one incident, how can we cancel the others? Out of 296 artistes only one happened. How is this fair?” The vocalist faced additional criticism for what appeared to be a Nazi salute during a January concert and for laughing at derogatory remarks about rapper Ice Spice in a podcast. Despite Ice Spice expressing her love for The 1975’s music, Healy issued an apology during a concert. In a Variety interview, Ice Spice conveyed confusion regarding his comments. For a glimpse into the singer’s perspective, check out his Instagram stories below.


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